Saturday, January 01, 2011

The Title of My Next Book - A Bad End

I'm one of those people who tries not to be wasteful. With that in mind, and prompted by the advice of many of my wonderful online friends, A Bad End will become more than a bad experience. Some, but not all, of what happened will be incorporated in a new manuscript of that name, a combination non-fiction, fiction book.

In case you're wondering which is which, the demise of the much hated character will be fictional and not based on an actual occurrence. (g) 



  1. Sometimes, writing about something is the best way to exorcise it from your head.

    Happy New Year.

  2. Absolutely! and Imma help you by using the basic incident (which, as I said, has happened to several people I know) on Tuesday at Fatal Foodies. If I don't forget by then. (g)

    Marian Allen

  3. Well, the pen is mightier than the sword! Love the title of the new book!

  4. Sounds like you'll have plenty to keep you occupied in your "new found freedom".

    Happy New Year! I LOVE your positive attitude!

  5. Great way to bounce back, Morgan. I'm sure 2011 will be a great year for you.


  6. Morgan...what a wonderful and positive way to turn around the "bad end" you experienced in 2010. Good luck with your book endeavor! Happy New Year. :)

  7. Anonymous9:51 AM

    Good luck with your book .. That's a great title for the story too.

  8. Anonymous7:38 AM

    Morgan, writing about your experience may prove cathartic.

    Years ago, a dear friend of mine was murdered by his wife and step son. When the criminal justice system failed to come through with what I thought was appropriate justice (they both got to cut deals instead of getting the death penalty), I fell back on my writing to help me deal with my anger. It helped somewhat, though to be honest I get angry again whenever I think about it.

    And I think a certain amount of bitterness is appropriate, after 38 years of service and loyalty. Good luck with your projects!


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