Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas Decorations & People Gone, But Not Forgotten

These two wreaths are gone now

By now, you may have heard of the Great Flood of July 23, the one which blessed us with about seven inches of water in our basement. I spent a goodly amount of time cleaning up the mess, throwing ruined items away, drying others, washing others, sorting countless photos which got wet.

I thought I was through.

This wreath is also gone
Little did I know when I went downstairs (late to start decorating because I'd been finishing Forever Young: Blessing or Curse) to my horror I discovered I'd missed two containers of carefully packed away Christmas decorations, which had tipped over in the flood, and somehow trapped water inside. As soon as I opened the cartons, I had to shut them fast, then go outside with garbage bags, and wearing gloves, removed what was inside for the garbage.
I only managed to salvage two items, which were ceramic and could be sanitized. Fortunately, I do have photos from prior years to remember my decorations by. Still, they're not the same as the real thing.

It reminds me of other losses that can't be replaced, which have occurred in my family, and everyone's. Those are the people near and dear to us. Only memories and photos are left, instead of the real thing. I'm grateful for those who are still with me -- my husband and family, my friends, both off and online, and my little buddy, Rascal.

A Great Big Thanks to everyone who has enriched my life!


  1. So sorry you lost your decorations. That is almost as hard as losing old photos. We are thinking of downsizing from a big tree, but there are so many ornaments that I really hate to part with. Each has such a history and bring back wonderful memories of when the kids were young, or even when I was young. LOL

    Wishing you all the best for the New Year.

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