Sunday, February 15, 2009

Do You Celebrate Holidays on the Exact Day?

Group shot: Morgan Mandel, Debra St. John, June Sproat, Margot Justes, Sherryl Bodine, Carrie Loftus.

Valentine's Day was a busy one. After my husband and I exchanged Valentine's Day cards early Saturday morning, I was off to Step Class at the Park District, then a book signing at the Des Plaines Library, along with fellow Chicago-North RWA Chapter members.

Then came a long walk with Rascal, ending up at where else but her favorite hangout, Bentley's Corner Barkery, where we caught the tail end of their doggie Valentine's Day Party. Here's Rascal in the Kissing Booth

Instead of going out to dinner for Valentine's Day, we decided to eat in, in favor of going out to an early dinner on Sunday instead. It's always so crowded at restaurants on Holidays anyway. I don't mind celebrating on another day. When you've been married a while, any day is as good as another.

What about you? Does it bother you if you don't celebrate a Holiday on the day itself? What do you do? Please share.


  1. we skipped it completely this year, but it's less than three months since we married so Vday seemed unimportant.

  2. Always thought how much nicer it would be to lay low during the Christmas holidays, just being lazy and enjoying family...then having the gift exchange part AFTER Christmas when there are no mall madness shopping crowds and things are about half the price.

  3. We went to a Valentine dinner at church--very nice and low key. Everyone told how they met their spouse who who they came to the dinner with. People were surprisingly honest which made it fun.

    What was amazing was how many couples got married after only a short time of knowing one another--there were two couples who got married after only a week of meeting one another. Both have been married for about thirty years or more.


  4. We skipped the celebratory bit. My wife has atrial fibrillation and her heart went out of rhythm again on Friday, so we spent most of the day in our twin recliners, me working on my laptop.

  5. Thanks for sharing the great pics. did you have a good time at the signing?

    I don't mind celebrating on a different day- makes the holiday longer. ;)

  6. Chester, I hope your wife's okay.
    Nancy, yes we had a great time at the book signing. June's buddy took lots of fun photos we'll be getting later this week. I can't wait to see them.

    Morgan Mandel

  7. Hi Morgan!

    I changed the font and color of the writing. So hopefully that will make it visible.

  8. I frequently change the dates of things. For an extreme example, we had a family illness to deal with over the last Christmas period, so we are going to reschedule our Christmas to be some time in the spring!!

  9. What's important to me is being with loved ones to celebrate a holiday. Being together is what makes it special, whenever it is.

  10. Anonymous6:29 PM

    Nah. Holidays are just arbitrary dates meant to represent the spirit of something. If you celebrate it a little later or before, totally cool. Fact, celebrate the SPIRIT of it ALL the time!

  11. Most holidays I like to celebrate on the actual day.

    Once in a great while we bump our anniversay a day ahead or behind, depending on when it falls.

    Valentine's is one that gets allocated to another day, simply because my birthday is two days later. (Missed being a Valentine baby by 26 hours!) So we lump it in with my birthday or simply make my birthday longer.

    Which is fine with me!

    L. Diane Wolfe

  12. Wow, I liked what Angie said above. Wouldn't that make Christmas more fun? It would depend on the holiday but I don't mind celebrating it on another day. I can't imagine how busy the restaurants were on Valentine's Day!

  13. Anonymous10:55 AM

    The only "holiday" that I ever celebrated on a different day was my birthday because Diane's was close to mine. The first weekend after we'd have our start of summer party. I'd have to say those parties were always interesting. You'd never know who she would get to visit. ASfter she died it became just another day.

  14. I do what I can on the holiday itself but I keep the spirit of them all year. I still play Christmas music (I like it), and Valentines day means spreading love and smiles, again something I do as often as I can.

  15. I love the picture of Rascal in the kissing booth!

    I don't mind celebrating on off-days, except for Christmas, although I could do that one if there was an alternate day that all the family could get together.

    For this past Valentine's day, I met a group of writer friends (the Irregulars) for a long, fun lunch (3 hours). My husband gave me flowers and we had pizza for dinner. Woo-woo!

  16. No. I was a writer guest at a convention in Maryland Valentine's Day weekend, so was doing a book signing that day and other stuff. Hubby and I plan to celebrate it this week, maybe tonight after he gets home from work.


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