Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Embarrassing, Annoying, Nosy Questions

Today, I'll do a fun post. Here's the plan. I'll list a bunch of embarrassing, annoying and nosy questions. If you want, you can pick one to answer, or if you want, you can relate something embarrassing that happened to you, a friend or a book character.

Here goes:

Ladies - When was the last time you shaved your legs or underarms?

Guys - Do you ever shave or get shaved your nose hairs or ear hairs?

Anyone - What do you wear to bed at night?

Anyone - Do you ever pick your nose? Or have you seen someone else pick theirs?

Anyone - How often do you brush your teeth?

Anyone - Have you ever worn shoes from two different pairs and not realized it right away?

Anyone - Have you ever gotten toilet paper stuck to your shoe?

Ladies - Has your skirt ever ridden up in the back, or gotten stuck in the waistband in the back and you didn't realize it?

Guys- Have you ever left your fly open in public and someone had to tell you?

I'll start by answering a few -

Because it's winter and cold around here, I shaved my legs and underarms a few days ago, after not bothering for a while. During the summer, I do it every few days at least.

I usually wear a nightshirt to bed, sometimes with a fleece vest. If it's really, really, cold, I'll wear my flannel pajamas plus a fleece jacket over it. Our upstairs doesn't get as warm as the rest of the house, but the water bed makes up for it.

I did wear two different types of shoes to work one day and didn't discover it until on the train ride hope, so no one else noticed all day either.

Okay, your turn. Provide your own question and answer, or Take Your Pick - Pun intended.


  1. Shaving, my underarms every week my legs when they start to look really hairy.

    I wear PJ's in bed, but usually ones with snoopy or something on because plus size jammies are hard to find around here.

    I am a sureptitious nose miner, i try to only do it at home or in my car when there is no one around.

    I brush my teeth every morning and some evenings.
    Damn i'm skanky.

    I have on occasion had loo roll stuck to my shoe, usually after a few beers.

    I'm not completely slovenly I promise.

  2. I shave as rarely as I can get away with it. Isn't that what dark hose and pants are for? :)

  3. Ear and nose hair, as often as possible. When a guy truly takes pride in his back hair, you can't have other body parts competing for your woman's attention.

    My sleepwear is pretty standard attire, with the exception of the elf shoes. Somehow, they just make me feel..sexy.

    Who doesn't pick their nose? I like to do it in the middle of a work meeting though. It kind of gives you the advantage over everybody else as they become unsettled. Especially if you break mid-sentence to study your find..

    Toothbrushing - every day. One tooth a day for a month or so. Then I just start over.

    One time I did wear two different shoes. I didn't know until after my work day was through, which was strange because one was my regular dress shoe and one was my wife's 5 inch heel.

  4. I wear a t-shirt to bed, or more accurately, one of those muscle type shirts (no sleeves). I almost hate to say it, but I'm fabulous at brushing. I've had a Sonicare toothbrush for years and use it twice a day - regular toothbrush inbetween. I so rarely wear skirts, I don't have to worry about catching the hem in my underwear. I wear jeans 90% of the time. Maybe 99% of the time.

  5. Anonymous8:19 AM

    Hmm - those pesky ear and nose hairs. Yeah I try my best to keep up with them but my wife often has to remind me.

  6. LOL, omg, Morgan...okay, shaving hair isn't at the top of the priority list in the winter and I wear t-shirts and sweatpants to bed. What a socialite I am!

  7. I've often wondered about people who pick their noses in traffic...what?! You don't know your windows are made of glass? Hellooo we can see you...


    Me- I work alone...in my home... needless to say my social skills are a bit...rusty??

    Here's my question- how come heros never fart??? Hmmm???

  8. Okay, I have worn two different shoes to work several times, but that's not the worst. I used to live on a farm without a paved driveway, so I had to park out on the road when it rained to make sure I didn't get stuck. Consequently, during the rainy season my work shoes would eventually migrate to the truck. (wear rubber boots to truck while carrying work shoes, throw rubber boots in back of truck, go to work, put on work shoes, come home, change into rubber boots and forget to to take shoes out of truck - you see how this works.) Eventually all of my shoes were in the truck, so I'd just go down to it wearing boots. Then one weekend I cleaned out the truck. You guessed it. That Monday I went to work with only rubber boots to wear all day. There is no business suit (that I owned, anyway) which goes with knee-high rubber boots. At least everyone around me had a good day. I left a trail of chuckles behind me everywhere I went. But I've solved the problem - now I work out of the house and don't wear shoes.

  9. Anonymous12:36 PM

    I don't shave - I prefer to rip the hair out with an epilator. It's torture, but torture I only have to put up with about once a month.

  10. I shave every other day - can't stand stubble!

    And I have several cute little PJ sets I wear to bed. I'd wear nothing but I would freeze...

    L. Diane Wolfe

  11. What fun, Morgan!!!

    Okay-shaving is done once a month during the cold, weekly during summer-I am not a particularly hairy person. I wear a oversized T-shirt to bed (used to be nothing then I had a kid and figured it beter be something!). I think everyone has picked their nose at least once in their lifetime--and yes, TP has found it's way to my shoe (although my shoes always match because I rarely own more than one pair at a time). I brush my teeth every day.

    Now for the skirt one!!! I had one of my first jobs at a very upscale insurance agency. My first day there, I dressed nicely, caught the city bus, walked across a public park and gladly smiled at the gentleman who held the door for me. Halfway across the large (very busy reception area, a woman came up to me and whispered "Honey, your skirt is tucked inside your panty hose." The WHOLE back of the skirt was tucked in-I nearly went home, but swallowed my pride, thanked her, pulled it out and continued on my way :-)

  12. This is where I begin to wonder about you Morgan. LOL!

    Let's see, can I honestly answer these? Hmmm..

    I shave every other day because you never quite know what is going to happen. I would hate to end up in the emergency room with hairy legs and armpits or dirty underwear.

    Bedtime usually finds me in a Veggie Tales t-shirt and flannel pants, a bit less in the summer.

    Well, yeah, I've picked my nose and I dare anyone to say she hasn't. What I really hate is when you're face to face with someone and they are doing it while talking to you.

    My teeth get brushed twice a day and sometimes I even remember to floss.

    I have only once worn shoes of a different color, and that's when I stopped buying the same style pumps in black and navy.

    No toilet paper on my shoe, but dog poop and gum, several times.

    One Sunday morning I walked to church with the zipper down on the back of my skirt. No wonder so many people were honking at me. I was probably in the pew for five minutes before I reached back to straighted my skirt and discovered it.

    Isn't life just full of embarrassing moments?


  13. OK! LOL! I have tried to comment to this no less that five times today.. we'll see if blogger will let me now! LOL!

    What is it was british men and picking their nose in the car? LOL! Every time I go somewhere I look out my window and at least 2-3 men are picking their nose as they drive. I know gross, right?
    Our family motto is "if you have to pick your nose do it in the bathroom!" LOL!
    OK that's all, just had to vent. Thanks for letting me! LOL!

  14. My goodness, what wild questions?

    When you get old hair that needs to be shaved disappears--except on your face where odd ones pop up and have to be plucked.

    PJs--have cute ones hubby likes--and I can wear them while watching TV.

    Raised 5 kids and three grandkids, seen lots of nose picking.

    Wore a toilet seat cover hanging from my slacks when leaving a restroom, fortunately someone told me right away.

    Lost my underpants when I was pregnant years ago, stepped out of them and kept on going--I was in front of the Navy hospital.

  15. Reading through these gave me some great laughs and brought back embarassing memories. So, here goes:
    I live on a boat in the tropics, I shave every day.
    I sleep in an oversized t shirt unless it's too hot
    Nose picker? yes. My mom says it's my dad's fault
    Brush teeth twice a day
    Shoes - not that I remember
    Toilet paper - again not that I remember
    Skirt - IN college I was a hostess in a very nice restaurant. My uniform consisted of a blouse and a wrap around skirt that attached in the back with velcro. One night I was seating a couple when, as I walked down the two steps from the hostess table to the dining room, the man stepped too close to me stepping on my skirt hem and, you guessed it, ripped the skirt right off me! Luckily I was raised by a mom who insisted I always wear a slip under a dress. That night I was wearing a brightly colored designer slip by Puchhi. BTW he left me a great tip, the only one I ever got as hostess.

    Joy Delgado
    Illustrator and publisher of bilingual children’s books

  16. Well, if you really must know, Morgan, I do trim my nose and ear hairs now and then with an electric razor--nothing much, sort of like trimming hedges. Yes, I pick both my nose and my friends, the former a habit I try hard not to display to the public. On the plus side, I brush my teeth carefully twice a day and floss often. I wear the usual to bed at night--no Doctor Dentons or any such thing--but I do have what I think is a curious habit of removing my wedding ring the last thing at night and putting it back on first thing in the morning. As far as the open zipper goes, I've heard about it from my wife, but no one else so far as I can remember. Generally I'll joke that the open zipper explains the cool breeze.

    But open zippers remind me of a strange incident. After visiting my mom at an assisted living facility a few years ago, I met a middle-aged man and his sister, who were helping their mother move in. While chatting with the man, I suddenly realized that not only was his zipper open, but his--um, you know--was hanging out. I told him about his zipper, which he closed up, and I promptly left the premises. Eventually that inspired a scene for my first novel, When Pigs Fly.

    Bob Sanchez


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