Friday, February 13, 2009

Undivided Attention

Undivided attention is a rarity, almost an impossibility. Right now, I'm trying to keep my mind on finishing my blog, while the DH has TV blaring in the background and the Rascal dog is gnawing noisily on her rawhide bone.

It takes some effort, but I can do this. What I find more difficult is to work on my novel under the same circumstances. When I create, I need to give my novel my undivided attention, which means a non-noisy atmosphere, maybe soft music, but not much else. On the train, if I get distracted by loud talkers when I'm creating, it also wrenches me out of the zone.

What about you? Can you create in any atmosphere? Under what circumstances do you seriously work on a manuscript? Please share.

PS Now that I have your undivided attention, if you wish to proceed, please see Little Things Mean a Lot at


  1. Absolute quiet. I'm not at my best and easily distracted when everyone is at home, the dogs need petting ever so often when they stop by to see if I'm still breathing and all that other normal daily life stuff going on. Complete quiet. I've used James Taylor before but he often gets me too fired up and I have to get up and dance around a bit, lol.

  2. When I am writing reports at work, which I hate doing, I put my ipod on to block out the office noise. I'm so used to doing things with music in the background i tune it out quite well.

  3. I'm an absolute quiet person. I'm so easily distracted it's hard to get very much done especially on the days I'm babysitting - which is almost every day. So I take full advantage of grandson's nap times to crank out whatever I can. The best option for writing is just to block out a few days, go away from the distractions and just write!


  4. I can write anywhere, anytime. Good thing too since I have a big family and they all pester me when I'm working.


  5. Anonymous9:52 AM

    I need to know that I have enough time to quietly write with soft classical or movie soundtrack music softly playing. I can't write when I'm deeply depressed or worried and at the moment my job is hanging by a thread. It will be a few months until I am stable enough to write again.

  6. Wish I could write anytime, anywhere like Meredith but I need to be alone in my 'writing corner' with no background noise when I'm working on a manuscript.

    Jane Kennedy Sutton

  7. I need my quiet time, which is next to impossible in my home. Having a five year old craving the same undivided attention from me while Im trying to concentrate or do something is not helping in completing my writing plans.
    Have you try a quiet place like a library or Caribou Coffee or Starbucks?

  8. Right now, I'm experiencing what will probably be the only so-called "Quite time" I'll have today and even that is not "quiet" because as a general rule, and now is no exception to that either, the tv is usually playing all the time in the background. But with a 5-year-old and an almost 3-year-old, both autistic, both susceptible to major meltdowns in the blink of the eye, quiet time, when one can truly concentrate is very difficult to come by here! I can sometimes tune the kids out, sometimes I even have to tune my daughter out too if I am trying to do a post to my blog (which is the only form of writing I've been doing for the past 2 years now). I have to be able to do that sometimes if I am trying to post a relatively organized post -and as you can tell from reading my blog, it's pretty rare that I fully meet the mark there then!

  9. Anonymous3:40 PM

    Undivided attention comes easy for me because of extensive Zen training. I do prefer silence when I write, but I can remain focused and "centered" in the midst of noise and confusion.

  10. I can tolerate noise, except when I'm writing the HOTTER scenes, and then I need quiet and no distractions! :)

  11. When I am in front of my computer, noise is a distraction (excluding music of course which can entice my muse from hiding.)

    Oddly enough though, some of my best ideas or brainstorming happen when I am at work...the reason why I have about fifty post its floating around my book bag and notebooks full of scribbled ideas.

  12. I do get inspirations also at the oddest times and try to scribble them down on whatever small bits of paper I can find in my purse, but for following through on them, I need my little corner of the world where I can really think.

    Morgan Mandel


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