Sunday, May 31, 2009

At the Flea Market

My spot in the Pavilion at the Fireman's Flea Market in Arbor Vitae, WI, was quite cold, mainly because of constant wind gusts, but the comaraderie amongst the vendors was warm enough to make up for any discomfort I felt. I had tucked four magazines and a book into my tote bag to read in case of poor attendance, but was so entertained I never read them.

A slow, but steady stream of customers came through, but not many felt like sticking around too long when they felt the chill winds in the Pavilion. In the picture, I'm holding up the poster for my upcoming release, KILLER CAREER, which I've begun advertising.

On Monday, I'm hoping to get over to the St. Germain Flea Market, this time as a customer. One of my neighbor vendors will be selling again there and I'll stop by the say hello.

Then, next Saturday, I'm back again to Arbor Vitae again to sell more books at their Flea Market and have fun with the other vendors.


  1. Do you do well at flea markets? I'd really have to journey far from home to attend one that wasn't populated by dirt-poor people.

    L. Diane Wolfe

  2. Anonymous1:47 PM

    Best wishes as you make your rounds! :)

    The Old Silly from Free Spirit Blog

  3. Sounds like fun. I never thought of selling books at flea markets. I'm curious to know how successful it is.



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