Saturday, May 09, 2009

Book Signing Today/Saturday in Tomahawk, WI

Although vacation is winding down to a close (leaving Sunday for home), I have one more fun thing to do.

Today, which is Saturday, I'm doing a book signing at Cover to Cover, in Downtown Tomahawk, Wisconsin from 11am -1pm. Yesterday, I was interviewed by Mark Everett, the morning host of WJJQ FM, the local radio station. We talked about my books and the book signing at Cover to Cover.

After the interview, we stopped off at the book store, spoke to Dawn, the owner, and took a few photos, one with Dawn. Many times on the day of book signings it gets so crazy it's hard to get photos done. It's a cute store, as you'll see from the photos.

I also got word that on our next trip, on the Saturday after Memorial Day, I'll be able to do a book signing at a flea market sponsored by Arbor Vitae Fire Department in Arbor Vitae, Wisconsin. The great thing is I can get a spot in the Pavilion (won't need to bring my own tent) for only $15.00, so it's definitely worth that tiny investment. Also, it's a spot not hard for me to get to.

So, my vacations are turning into working vacations, but that's okay, because I'm having fun with this kind of work. What about you? Do you have any book signings or events lined up during your vacation?


  1. I thought this was a vacation lol okay I guess a writer never has one of those always trying to plug/sell their book

    Looks like you are having fun (as he looks out the window at the heavy rain once again)


  2. This bookstore looks so neat.

    My vacations are usually non-working ones because my mind just needs a break. I write sometimes, but usually I promise the family that this is their time.

    Have a safe trip home.


  3. Happy Mother's Day and good luck with the signing, Morgan!


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