Sunday, May 24, 2009

Car Scare - This Caught My Eye

I was going to post about something different today, but a news article on Yahoo caught my eye. The Dad in the story suffers from hypoglycemia, which I have, but it's under control. I also refer to this illness in Killer Career, my upcoming romantic suspense.

This article reminded me of when I was young and one of my brothers got into the car and it started moving. Fortunately, Dad got in and applied the emergency brake before anything bad resulted.

Do you have any car scares to share?


  1. Quick thinking on the part of that little boy!

    My biggest scare came when I was living in Arkansas. There was a little snow & ice on the roads, and I was proceeding with caution. The roads seemed fine until I hit an overpass. I started to slide and I tapped on the brakes. Unfortunately, that sent my little Toyota pickup into a spin. I missed the guardrail and spun off the road and down a steep embankment. By some miracle, I did not flip and ended up in a field. I remember looking up at the freeway and noticing all these cars stopping - probably to check on me! All I could think about was I needed to get back on the road and get to work, so I restarted the car, got on the access road (at first going the wrong way) and managed to arrive at work ten minutes later. That is where I finally had my meltdown as it hit me what had just happened!

    Needless to say, I am very cautious around overpasses now!

    L. Diane Wolfe

  2. Anonymous12:33 PM

    When my oldest daughter was 10 she was playing around in my truck in our sloped driveway. She put the drive into neutral and all of a sudden we heard her screaming and looked out the window - there she was frightened out of her wits as the truck was coasting backwards out into the street!

    Fortunately there were no cars coming, and when the truck backed all the way across the street and hit the curb it came to a stop, she was not hurt. Just scared. She didn't fool around in my truck after that. :)

    The Old Silly from Free Spirit Blog

  3. Once when my father and brother were working on a car that was up on a hoist, the chain broke and the car fell on my brother. It bounced on the tires and my father grabbed the car and held it up while we pulled my brother out. Luckily, he was not severely injured.

    To this day we are all -- including my father -- amazed that he had the strength to lift the car. Just shows what adrenaline can do for a person.

  4. What a quick thinking little boy he was. Fortunately, I don't have any horror tales to share.

    Jane Kennedy Sutton


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