Saturday, May 16, 2009

Changing Houses - Where I Live & Where I'm Published

When I was single, I moved three times to different apartments. When I got married, we lived in an apartment one year, bought a house the year after, which we stayed in for seven years, then moved to our present house three blocks from the first one. I've been in this house 29 years, the longest of any in my life. I'd like to move again, but the location is so great,we have so much junk to get rid of, and the real estate market is so bad, I don't know if we ever will at this point.

Speaking of changing houses, the publisher for my first and second books was Hard Shell Word Factory. Since it no longer fit my needs, I'm changing houses. When my new romantic suspense, Killer Career, comes out hopefully by the end of the summer, my new publishing house will be Choice One Publishing Co.

I'm not sure where any of my following books will be published. I'll see how Choice One does.

What about you? Have you changed houses, either where you live or where you're published, or do you stay put? Please share.


  1. Did you hit a nerve with that question! I've lived in the Houston area for about 20 years now and have completely lost count of the number of moves. Early on, something always went wrong - a fire in an apartment complex, a landlord that didn't pay his morgage, resulting in the bank taking his house and giving me 2 week to get out, and on and on. Eventually I bought my own house. I'd been in the house a year when my employer offered me a promotion that involved moving about 70 miles away. I took it. They moved me, bought my old house, helped my by a house in the new location. Six months later, I was asked to move back and take on a more challenging role. I wasn't even unpacked from the first move!

    So yes - I have moved a few times. I don't want to ever move again, but I think another move is in the cards. Mark and I live in a two story house and will eventually need a one story. I plan to put it off as long as possible.


  2. Anonymous6:04 PM

    Man I've changed houses - the live in kind - so many times I can hardly count them all. As far as pub houses, I have three books pub's with 3 different pub houses - guess I'm just a shifty guy, eh? LOL

    But two of the pubs I'll be sticking with - one owns first rights to any books in the Owen Fiddler series, and the other has pretty much given me carte blanche for any of my manuscripts in the spiritual/inspiration genre.

    I'll only be leaving those houses if I ever get picked up by one of the BIGS. :)

  3. Morgan,

    I'm a real oddball. I've lived in only two houses in my entire life. I grew up on a farm and lived there (except for living in a dorm in college) until I was married. My husband had already built this house and lived in it a few years before we were married. We've been married and living here nearly 42 years. And we don't have any plans to leave.

    Most people probably find that very strange, but I can't imagine moving at this stage of my life.

  4. What a timely post!

    Finally. Finally, after 7 months, my house in Washington State sold. It closes on 8 June. WOOO HOO!

    Yes, we accepted less than what we were originally asking, or wanted. But, we got enough to make a very good-sized dent in our new home in New Mexico. So, I'm pretty happy these days.

    One small's a bit like having the sword of Damocles hanging over your head until it does close. There’s always that little voice, "Something can still go wrong." We'll be positive and say everything will work out!

    Best Regards, Galen.

  5. We lived in a house for 29 years as well. We filled up a whole dumpster with the detritus of our lives and still brought too much to our next place. That place took two days to sell; the next one, four years later, took six months; and now the one we're in—well, it's a darned good thing we don't want to move.

    Like the previous poster, we are in New Mexico.

    Bob Sanchez

  6. I think I can beat a record of many when it comes to moving.
    When I was 15 and firs came here I got my apartment. When I got married at 19, we bought an apartment building and occupied one of the units there until our first born arrived. Shortly after that, we bought a house across the street. my husband came to another "great deal" and bought a house in Norwood Park where we lived for four years before i decided to move to Phoenix.
    A year later I came back to Chicago area and moved four times since. It was either the price, location or kids High School that we tried to accommodate. Now, since they are grown, I am planning on staying where Im at until MY DH retires so we can go live in Arizona.


  7. Hmmm...I've moved quite a bit. I spent the first 12 years of my life in the same place, but after Mom got sick and passed away we moved frequently. I once lived in three different places in the span of a year. Ugh!

    The house we are in now, we built to spec, and have been in for 9 years. There are days I would love to build another house, slightly bigger than this one, with an inground pool, but the market is just too tough right now.


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