Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day - How Are You Celebrating/Honoring?

Today is a day to celebrate the mothers in our lives and cherish their memories. Usually on Mother's Day, the DH and I go to the cemeteries to visit our Mom's graves. Since we'll be on the road a good portion of the day on our way home from vacation, we'll do that next Sunday instead.

When we get home, we do have something to look forward to. That evening we'll be going to dinner at his godmother's house with many other family members on his side in attendance.

Since I've never had a child, except for Rascal, I won't be getting any Mother's Day gifts or special honors. What about you? How are you celebrating Mother's Day? Please share.


  1. Morgan, you and me both - no children here, either.

    However, my in-laws are visiting, so after church we are taking my mother-in-law out for lunch and there's a cake awaiting her in the fridge.

    L. Diane Wolfe

  2. I'm a mom five times--after church we're going into town to have a nice meal in good restaurant. Taking our granddaughter, who lives next door, with us as her folks are out of town working.

    In fact, her dad just called me to tell me Happy Mother's Day. Eldest daughter sent me a gift card to my favorite restaurant. Haven't heard from the other two, but will see one at church.

    I'm past wanting gifts--just spending time with family is good enough.


  3. Not a mom here, but have two! Mom, and mom in law.

    This year, hubby sent flowers to his mom early, he likes giving gifts right when he thinks of it. I sent my mom flowers, shes waiting on the delivery now.

    When we're home, we do the take out to dinner/breakfast/lunch or make it and go to the movies or something fun too. But I'm half a country away and he's over an ocean so flowers and cards are it this year.

    Half hoping he'll be able to call his mom today, no clue though.

  4. My kids (including one that really isn't mine by blood or marriage but who I have practically raised since she was 11) all took me to my favorite bookstore for brunch (They have a bistro) and book shopping. Then they BOUGHT everything and we came home. Now I am just pooped, but utterly happy. Hope yours was fab, Morgan!

  5. Hope you had a great mother's day, Morgan!


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