Sunday, July 26, 2009

Reviewers, Blog Book Tour, Reader

I've got quite a few reviewers lined up for Killer Career and hope to get some feedback soon.

There are only two days left to fill on my blog book tour. I'll be posting the links to the tour stops when I get it all set up. Very soon I'll need to think up some witty things to say on the blogs I visit. The last stop, which will be for an entire week, will be on when I tell everyone the process of getting Killer Career published.

Anyway, I thought I had the Microsoft Reader conversion figured out until I discovered that the Reader program doesn't support Microsoft Word 2007, though it's the same company. It uses Microsoft 2003 like most of the world. So, even when I set my document to compatibility mode for 2003, I got weird error messages. Now I'm trying to use my old computer with Word 2003 on it to see if the program will work there. So far the old one is getting hung up on adding the cover art. It doesn't have much room. That's why I usually just let the DH use it for surfing. Nothing's easy.

I did get to go to Mount Prospect Saturday night where they had a doings called a Block Party on their main street, with food booths, tables and bands. The DH and I met some fun people to sit with and had a great time.


  1. It will be interesting reading the reviews! How exciting!

  2. Looking forward to your tour!


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