Friday, July 10, 2009

Scary Hide and Seek Story

While listening to the radio this morning, I heard a story abut a little girl who was playing hide and seek. Nobody could find her because she had such a great hiding place. The family then decided to have their dog look for her. She was discovered safe and sound in a drawer under the dryer. I was glad to hear of the happy ending.

Not to trivialize the event, but I can't help drawing analogies to what some authors do. They write great novels which remain hidden in great spots, like online, at distributors, in book catalogs. Nobody can find these books. That's because the authors don't market.

Writing takes time and effort, but so does promoting. Don't hide something you should be proud of. Get out there and let people know about it.

What about you? Do you write and hide it or do you promote? If you do promote, what methods do you use? Please share.


  1. That is a scary story.

    You know, I have to admit the one project that I was really into lingers on my hard drive with no progress being made to it at all.

    The first draft is finished, but the co-author and I just can't seem to hook up and now that's she's moved out of state it's even harder. I would work on it myself, but I don't want to put effort into it if it isn't going to go anywhere. My time is too precious.

    My first children's book will be out late next year and I plan to coordinate a virtual book tour for it and I'll also see what I can do locally. In addition, the publisher is very good at promoting her authors, so that will help. After that I will need to get some advice from my writing friends.

    What are your plans for Killer Career?


  2. Hiding in a dryer is not a good idea. In one of my books, Wishing Makes It So, a child is killed that way.

    As far as hiding your book is concerned, I wouldn't think anyone would do that on purpose--but I have heard people say isn't promotion the publisher's job? Yes and no--if you don't do your part, the book won't be noticed.

    Good blog.


  3. Promote? I'd love to. I need to learn that aspect better. I have two books that aren't going anywhere. I know they are because the few that have been purchased have recieved good comments.

  4. Anonymous1:52 PM

    Gosh, in a DRAWER under a DRYER?! I'm imagining that was one tiny little girl. Glad to know she was okay.

    As for promotion, I do my best. I could certainly improve quite a bit, but it's a learning experience with constant growth and that's okay.

  5. Morgan, You are the queen of promo... I try to learn a little every day to keep up. Thanks for the push and all the great ideas!


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