Tuesday, August 04, 2009


Here's the lineup for my upcoming Blog Book Tour for Killer Career. If you follow a particular blogspot, please mark the date of my appearance on your calendar. If you've never been to some of them, it wouldn't hurt to try them out. They're all great places or I wouldn't have picked them.

8/12/09 - Cicero’s Children – http://www.marywelk.com/ Host: Mary Welk – Villains & Heroes – Gotta Love ‘em.

8/16/09 – Bookland Heights – http://booklandheights.blogspot.com/ – Host: Mary Cunningham - Interview and How I named my baby

8/17/09 – The Little Blog of Murder – http://thelittleblogofmurder.com/ - Host: Jeffrey Marks Libraries and library events – Do they help or hinder book sales?

8/18/09 – Unbound – http://hagelrat.blogspot.com/ – Host: Hagelrat – You’ll have to ask her for her real name. I’m sworn to secrecy. - Interview

8/19/09 - A Writer’s Words, An Editor’s Eye – http://www.lillieammann.com/blog
Host: Lillie Ammann - Interview

8/20/09 - Spunk on a Stick – http://www.circleoffriendsbooks.blogspot.com/ – Host: L. Diane Wolfe – Thursday Excerpt

8/21/09 - Straight From Hel – http://straightfromhel.blogspot.com/ – Host: Helen Ginger –
How to add description to your novel.

8/22/09 – Murder by 4 – http://www.murderby4.blogspot.com/ – Host: Marta Stephens –
Need to move your plot forward? Consider a secondary character.

8/23/09 – Recap of Previous Week & Schedule of The Next Week’s Guide to Self-Publishing – How I Did It - Weeklong Feature at The Blood Red Pencil – Host: Dani Greer http://bloodredpencil.blogspot.com/

8/24 through 8/30 Guide to Self-Publishing – How I Did It by Morgan Mandel


  1. Woo-hoo - and she's off!

    L. Diane Wolfe

  2. I'm looking forward to tagging along on your tour!

  3. We'll be hanging onto your shirt tails as you wiz around the book space


  4. Have a great tour, Morgan!

    Bob Sanchez

  5. Hi Morgan, good luck on your tour and much success on your new books! Cheers!

  6. Wow, Morgan, your schedule is very hectic. We'll give you cheers. Good luck.

    Bargain with the Devil

  7. Happy touring, Morgan. It's been three months since my blogging whirlwind, and I still feel like I'm unwinding.

    Mystery Mania

  8. I plan to be there, for sure. Looks like a great tour, esp. on the 21st. :-)

    Straight From Hel

  9. Thanks for the schedule, Morgan. I just printed it out - this will make it a lot easier to follow along. And I vow to follow daily, something I haven't done yet, to get a feel for how these things really work!

    How long ago did you book these dates? I'm planning my tour for the fall.

    Good luck - your book is on my must-buy list.

    Julie Lomoe's Musings Mysterioso

  10. Have fun on the tour, Morgan. I'll try to keep up with you best I can.

  11. Morgan,

    What a great list! Can't wait for the tour. Are we there yet?


  12. I just realized Julie asked me a question about how long ago I booked my stops. I'm guessing I started about four or five weeks ago, but some later, about a week or so ago. So, some of my hosts had a few months notice, some two or three weeks before the tour.
    It was hard picking spots because there were so many bloggers I knew, so I tried for variety.

    I'd almost gotten it together when Lillie Ammann graciously stepped in and offered to fill one of the spots. That made it easier.

    I feel blessed to have such great Internet friends, many of whom I've never met in person, but still feel like I really know.

    Morgan Mandel


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