Thursday, November 12, 2009

A Christmas Tree Already

On the way home from work yesterday, I passed a house that already had a lighted and decorated Christmas tree up and showing by the window.

Is it not too soon for that? In my mind, the day after Thanksgiving is when the Christmas Season starts. That's when it's fair game to put up a tree and decorations and start shopping. The way things are going this year, I'll be lucky if I get organized enough to decorate a few days before Christmas.

With our dog, Rascal, who lives up to her name, we'll probably go with a fiber optic small tree on top of an end table. One of these days I may pull put the larger tree from the box in the basement and set it up, but not until our doggy is a little more sedate. I don't feel like chasing her to get ornaments out of her mouth. I will be putting up knick knacks, lights inside and decorations on the walls, so it will still look Christmasy. No lights outside because for some reason we have no outlets outside.

While we're on the subject of Christmas trees and such, be sure to add holidays in your books. You can mention decorations and lights  or Easter eggs and baskets, or even mattress sales in your descriptions to ground the reader as to the season.
Now, back to that tree I saw. What about you? When do you decorate for Christmas? What do you put up?


  1. Morgan, last night I passed a house that had a yard full of Christmas inflatables already! Yes, too soon. After Thanksgiving is fair game.

    We decorate anytime between the weekend after Thanksgiving to the first weekend in December. (Everything comes down January 1st.) We have a lot of cute items that sit around and two fake trees - the old one we got when living in Albuquerque goes in the front room window and the new fiber optic one goes in the living room. Yes, Rocko & Spunky will attack the balls and we tend to find the last one around Valentine's Day...

  2. Oh, ladies, don't you know it's Christmas time all year round? LOL!

    While my outside decorations will be up closer to Thanksgiving, my entire house is usually decorated by the time the family comes over on Thanksgiving Day. Part of that is because I have so many trees that I need to start early enough to get them all done by that day. I think we're up to 10 trees inside and 2 on the front porch and 4 tiny ones in the yard. I think it was almost March before everything was down last year.

    Yes, it's an obsession, but at least it doesn't hurt anyone or anything other than our electric bill.


  3. Last year I put ours up the day after Halloween, lol. But...I didn't put it by a window because I didn't want anyone to know. We're going to put ours up the day before Thanksgiving this year because my daughter has to work Thanksgiving Day. I would have put it up sooner but I'm waiting for someone to take out this old loveseat that doesn't match my new furniture I got last year. When are you putting yours up?

  4. I'm a bah-humbug. Probably will not put up a big tree as the cats always think I've done it for them and they knock all the decorations off.

    Have other stuff to put around that makes it look like Christmas.

    I'm not as fond of Christmas as I used to be--too many relatives--have resorted to giving money and gift cards.

    Love the reasons for Christmas, celebrating the birth of Christ, but not all the folderol that goes along with it.

  5. Yeah, it's tough when you're rushing around so much Marilyn. I have to think that God put this joy into my heart because my mother died a week before Christmas in 1982. Her sister had unexpectedly passed away on December 12th and we buried Mom on the 21st, so it was a tough year.

    It's fun to be so thrilled with Christmas, just as I am at the first sight of snow--though that quickly wanes. The kids feed off my flitting about and really enjoy the season, and we're going to have a candle light service this year at church to make it extra special.


  6. I agree it's a bit early. I always put up my tree on December 1st.

    Then again, I'm always uplifted by the sight of a holiday tree--even an early one! :-)

  7. I'm an after Thanksgiving person. I don't go too crazy with decorating but we have a three foot artificial tree that I put on a round table with the Christmas Village my daughter painted for me set up underneath it. Gifts go on the floor under the table.

    I have some other small touches that get put up here and there throughout the house.

    I enjoy Christmas, especially the music.

    My daughter has already put up her tree. She really enjoys sitting in her living room after her boys have gone to bed and reading by the light of the tree. She said last year she just felt that only having it up in Dec. wasn't enough.


    Morgan, I'm having trouble with your Amazon widget at the top of the page covering up your blog. Thought you should know.

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