Friday, November 27, 2009

Did You Shop on Black Friday?

There's still time to take the poll to the left about what you ate at Thanksgiving.
About Black Friday -
The DH despises mob scenes, but my brother and I do love the adventure of shopping on Black Friday. We weren't courageous enough to get up at the crack of dawn, though, so we did miss out on a few goodies, like the snuglee blankets and pots and pans sets at Menards, and some other items. I did manage to get some work gloves at almost 50 cents each pair, and a boot/shoe dryer which sounded interesting and was less than $9.00. The biggest extravagance there was this turntable with MP3 encoding/AM FM radio combination thing, but that was only $49.00, which isn't too bad. I didn't go for any of the high ticket items.

I didn't do too bad, but do have some Staples rebates to send in. They're pretty easy to do online, so I don't mind doing them. I bought some USB flash drives, batteries, and CD rewrites there.

I also bought a reversible light grey, almost white bubble coat and some grey boots at Walmart, both items $7.00 each, which I plan to use walking Rascal.

What about you? Did you shop on Black Friday? If so, what kind of deals did you get?

So, this year I was pretty practical, but it was still fun and I did get a few things I hadn't expected to find.

What about you? Did you shop on Black Friday? If so, what kind of finds did you get?


  1. Had to laugh when I read your blog, Morgan. The exact opposite of mine. You did get some good deals, and I'm sure others who brave the crowds do, too. As Scrooge says to Marley's Ghost when it tells him he will be haunted by three spirits, "I would rather not."

  2. I'm with you Maryann, no Black Friday shopping for me. You get a lot of excellent deals as you get closer to Christmas too, and I shop online for 95% of my Christmas presents anyway. I can't stand shopping, never mind trying to shop in a crowded mall.


  3. My Black Friday story was a couple of years ago. One of our local stores was having their store sale and advertised they were opening their doors as early as 6:30 a.m. So my mother and I thought what the heck, pick up a few things see what's going on and what they have. What could it hurt? We showed up and were second in line when one of the employees said they are handing out a little "thank you" for coming. I opened my wrapped gift and found a plastic little kid's camera. Only it wasn't for a little kid. We thought oh well and went inside to see what we could get. I could have gotten better at a thrift shop. The people were great, no fighting or cussing. LOL. But the merchandise really needed a bad overhaul!
    Cindy H.

  4. Thanksgiving isn't a big thing in the UK and I confess to eating Chicken rather than Turkey (though depending on where you shop, Turkey CAN be cheaper sometimes!)

    "Back Friday" doesn't exist, either - sounds like some sort of cut-price shopping deal?

    Last week, a famous UK chain store called "Marks & Spencer" celebrated 150 years trading, and in Liverpool there was almost a riot outside the store! When they originally started trading, all those years ago, their slogan was: "You don't need to ask, the price is ONE PENNY"

    That's EXACTLY what they did on the Saturday which marked their 150th Anniversary ..... you can imagine for yourself how fast the store was STRIPPED of all its stock: clothing, electricval goods, games, food, toys, you name it 1 penny (that's £GB 0.01) PER ITEM

  5. Elise Dee Beraru9:28 PM

    I am a cashier at Walmart, so I got to work at 4am on Black Friday to man a cash register so everyone else could shop. The crowds were orderly, but I'm not sure we were as busy as management would have liked us to be. By the time I got off work at 1pm, my feet were killing me, and I couldn't have afforded the electronics we offered anyway, but there was a 2 qt. crock pot for $4.00 to replace my smaller crock pot and make smaller batches of soups than my huge crock pot requires, and some DVD's for $2.00 to $5.00 I bought three), although I missed the huge markdown on the new Star Trek movie ($10.00 until 11am) and won't spend $20.00 on it right now.

    So for me, Black Friday consisted of eight hours on my feet at the register and 15 minutes of shopping. Had I not been working, you wouldn't have caught me anywhere near a store on the day after Thanksgiving.

    Elise in Lynchburg, VA

  6. Interesting that Cheryl mentioned doing 95% of her shopping online because that's what I do, too. I would say mine was close to that number. QVC, Amazon, Hickory Farms so far. I didn't go out today but instead worked on tours as they're coming up really really soon, but I can honestly say I've never shopped on Black Friday. I was talking to a clerk today across from where I work and she heard someone got stabbed at Walmart today...not that that would happen anywhere else, but it's horrible things like that have to happen.

  7. It was interesting to hear from Elise, who was on the other side of the counter at Walmart. That had to have been a hassle. Glad you still managed to catch a few bargains.

    I'll probably be shopping online also if I can find some good presents. For others I'll be getting gift certificates for restaurants and such.

    It's still fun to catch the Black Friday spirit for a few hours, kind of like when I go to rummage sales.

    Morgan Mandel

  8. Sounds like you got some good deals, Morgan! I didn't brave the crowds but shopped comfortably online at Amazon and found some good deals on gifts for the grandkids.

  9. NO WAY! I avoid shopping on Black Friday like the Black Plague! LOL

  10. Nope, didn't do Black Friday. I hate shopping anyway. I'm trying to do more online shopping.

    Straight From Hel


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