Saturday, November 14, 2009

Slides, Anyone?

I added a few slides of my books to my blogspot. I'm not sure yet if they should stay on or not.

Do you have more trouble loading my blogspot with the slides up? Do you like them or are they too distracting?


  1. hi Morgan. Just de-lurking to answer your question. I didn't notice a significant delay in loading your blog with the slides on. And I didn't find them too distracting either.

  2. I use Firefox 3.5.4, and the books 'slide' over the text of the blog. It's over 2x the width of the left column. It prevented my clicking the comment link. I tried it in IE, Opera, and Safari and it worked okay with them. It took a while to load in my IE, though.

  3. I couldn't tell a difference in the loading time. I like slides. I've been using one for blog awards.

  4. NO, slides don't slow it down. But I do miss your photo!


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