Monday, March 08, 2010

What's Your Favorite Social Network? Why?

On March 28, I'm speaking about Social Networking for Fun and/or Promotion at the Niles Public Library. I can tell people what I think, but what do you think? Tell me  What's your Favorite Social Network? Why?

Let me know and I may mention you in my speech.



  1. I have found for promotion ideas, clever ways to sell your books that www.murdermustadvertise is great and everyone anxious to share thier successes, what works, what doesn't. However, just for socializing and raising awareness for my books, I like facebook. I cam be myself, crack jokes, respond to the posts of others fast and easily, give advice, take advice--and it is a community. I like it too that you can reply in some length and not constrained to something like 140 characters as is the case on Twitter.

    I also must enjoy blogging because I am doing three of them, and I believe you are doing more than that number!

    Rob Walker

  2. Blogging IS social networking, so that is one of my top two.

    Deviant Art is my other one. It's a community for artists, photographers, and writers. Since I am a pro photographer by trade, I felt comfortable with the site and have been with it for 4-5 years now. It's a mix of ages on the site, but there's a lot of young people as well. Perhaps because we all share a common creativity, members seem to connect better than say on FaceBook. I've developed a good sized fan base on that site because I've remained faithful.

  3. I like Facebook for all the reasons Rob mentioned, and I have enjoyed meeting some new authors there as well as new readers for my books. I also like Twitter for the ability to connect with a lot of people very quickly. I use that a lot to promote some of the columnists that write for me on, as well as promoting my blog and The Blood Red Pencil Blog. Giving people something of interest to connect to seems to work well, as opposed to just Twittering about what I ate for breakfast. LOL

    Good luck with your talk.

  4. I find blogging is my best form of networking. My own blog allows creative thinking without being restricted by someone else's guidelines.

    I love Facebook, but the downside for me is that I've gotten caught up in Farmville and I can't quit. Although time spent there is relaxing and free of stress, I waste far too much time that would better be spent writing. It's addictive, and although I try to avoid it, those darn crops, animals and gifts from my friends keep beckoning me. I use Twitter only for making announcements, and as far as I can see it hasn't helped garner any interest in what I'm announcing. But then, who can tell. There really isn't a way to judge how productive time spent on any social network has been with regard to sales, etc. I have to go cows need milking and I have crop of cotton to harvest before it wilts. *lol*

  5. I guess my blogging is my best networking tool, too. I’m on FaceBook and Twitter but I know I don’t post or visit the sites as often as I should. I’m trying to improve.

  6. Blogging is my favorite, as it allows me to be creative, carry on a conversation with my readers, and generates interest in my work. My second favorite is Facebook. I just don't understand the whole Twitter thing. I use it, but it seems silly.

  7. I joined Twitter a few months ago and love it. I like the discipline of expressing myself in 140 characters or even fewer. And it's teaching me what attracts readers. One of my side projects is to write for a UK site, No pay, but a lot of fun and terrific publicity. One of the good features there is a Writers Desk where you can see LIVE how many people are reading each of your spoofs. It's fun for me to do a few tweets, providing "invitations" to read specific spoofs. Then I go right to the Spoof site to see how many people my tweets have attracted. If possible, I try to use one of the trending terms (in U.S., worldwide, or the UK) in each tweet, because then the tweet will go to the most readers. If it doesn't fit a trending term, I make sure that each tweet contains one or more popular search terms. Otherwise it won't be read by many people. (also mentioned above by Rob), the wonderful website of Jeffrey Marks, has a section "All A-Twitter." I learned a lot from that. It's at the bottom of the following page:

    Morgan, knock 'em dead at your talk!

  8. Anonymous9:23 PM

    Mu blog, first and foremost. I recently had my first guest blogger with over 50 comments and dozens of new people visiting.

    But Facebook has been a terrific boost as well. Many people have visited my blog from FB since the begiining of the year.

    Stephen Tremp

  9. My top two are Facebook and Twitter. I get tons of traffic to my block and web site by posting on those websites, so they're pretty much the most important to me. To

  10. I have to agree with the Facebook and Twitter being my top two. They bring a great deal of traffic to my website and blog, and have been the best for connecting with people who enjoy my writing. Like Ginger, I also enjoy the fun side of Facebook and have my farm to take care of during my relaxation time!


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