Saturday, January 22, 2011

In The Flow

Since I decided to go forward again with Forever Young, I've been creeping up with the page count. It's now up to 33,862, from 31,815 yesterday, making 2,047 up, but who's counting? (G)

At first I wasn't sure I could think of things to say. Once I got started, magic happened. The other night I'd just pulled the covers over me in bed when inspiration struck, gifting me with plot leads and twists. I was so excited, I jumped up, turned on the light. grabbed a pen and scrap of paper from my purse, and wrote down what had sprung into my mind before I could forget it all. (Good thing the DH was still downstairs, having fallen asleep on the easy chair, while watching TV, or that light turning on wouldn't have gone over too well.)

Today, I experienced something which hadn't happened in a while. I finally got into the flow. The words came out as fast as I could type them. They even made sense.

Right now, I'm tired from inhabiting my character's mind and body for a few hours. It's almost like physical labor.

Am I the only one who gets worn out from a good day of writing?

Morgan Mandel
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  1. LOL...btw, love that fireplace in back of you in that's freezing here in Virginia! Anyway, no, no writing as far as book goes, did the offline job thing today but I have gotten up in the middle of the night and jumped on the computer to write things down - that's how Romancing the Soul came to be. And I know what you mean by you coming into the flow zone...that's the best kind of thrill there is!

  2. I can get tired if I've been writing for a while, but usually I'm too excited to notice until I'm done. It's kind of like supper. I'm fine as long as I don't sit. If I sit down to eat, I feel like I never want to get up.

  3. Worn out, definitely, but isn't that jump out of bed, teeming with ideas feeling the best??? So glad it's happening for you!

  4. So glad it was flowing for you! I imagine it is exhausting!

  5. I like your new blog look. Congratulations on a good writing day.

  6. I often feel stiff, sore, and exhausted after a good day of writing.

  7. I'm emotionally and physically drained afterwards!

  8. How wonderful, Morgan (with the inspiration and excitement to write, not the exhaustion, lol)

  9. I'm practically catatonic after a good writing day, and physically exhausted. Funny, though, I don't write like that anymore. I'm much more measured and contained. The writing quality is the same -- or, for me -- maybe better?



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