Sunday, January 30, 2011

Time Flies

I've learned that time flies even when I'm not working, per se. I still don't have a day job, but it's amazing how fast the days are going by. I expected to be bored at least some of the time, but actually I'm too busy to be bored. I also expected to get more of the house cleaning projects done, but I'm lucky to get something small done each day.

I've discovered it takes me a while to reach my self-made quota of 1,000 words per day on my Forever Young manuscript. I wish I were a faster writer, but that doesn't seem to be happening either. Still, I am accomplishing something, but won't feel fully accomplished until writing The End on the last page of my manuscript.

Morgan Mandel
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  1. Hey,

    1,000 words a day is great! It's actually the consistency that's the most important. Even if you write only 200 words a day, eventually you end up with a book.

    Happy writing!

  2. Morgan, writing a consistent 1,000 words/day is an excellent thing. Good for you to challenge yourself that way! Best wishes as you work on your latest manuscript ;).

  3. Good for you, Morgan!

  4. I agree that consistency is the most important thing. I also heard someone mention that (with daily goals like this) it is better to aim low and succeed than aim too high and fail every other day. Those little successes give great motivation, whereas failing to meet a target one day can pull a whole week down. At least, it seems like it does for me. You're probably made of sterner stuff!

    HearWriteNow & Blood-Red Pencil


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