Sunday, September 26, 2010

Do You Read Non-Fiction?

Since I got my Kindle, I've been reading more non-fiction. I've found lots of books about marketing and self-image and other do-it-yourself stuff I find fascinating. Before my Kindle, I acquired several non-fiction books about writing from Writer's Digest Book Club, but they're mostly for reference, so they sit on my bookshelf waiting for me to grab them when needed.

What about you? Do you read non-fiction?

BTW, there is a motive behind this question. Right now I'm working on a non-fiction book, with the working title, My Fear List.  Here I am below trying to look scared and serious, in keeping with the book's topic. (g)
For more about My Fear List, and a very short blog post about Facing Up to Fears, come on over to


  1. MORGAN--the last non-fiction I read, or parts of anyway, was an 800 page book title GERMS, GUNS, AND STEEL:THE FATES OF SOCIETIES. Now I ask you--who could read a book like that? Actually, it was fascinating, when I figured out how to make a kind of outline to ferret out his main points. I really, really wanted to learn what made societies fail--and they all do eventually. Want to know why? Read the book. You might be surprised. Celia

  2. For many years all I read was non-fiction. The Civil War was always interesting to me, plus I was adding to my Laura Ingalls Wilder library, so I didn't read fiction at all.

    I still read a fair amount of non-fiction, though fiction books are more on my list these days with me promoting so many authors.

    I enjoy reading motivational books and those on Christian living. I also enjoy politics, true crime, and my Civil War library is still growing.


  3. Blogger ate my first comment!


    I don't read nonfiction for pleasure, though there are lots of folks who do. My nonfiction reading consistes of writing texts/aids and special subject area reference books.


  4. Yes, Morgan, I love to read non-fiction. I love anything by Desmond Morris, the anthropologist, because he helps me to understand human nature, which I find endlessly fascinating. I read "Survival of the Sickest", to learn about how many of the ills we face these days, came about through evolution trying to solve a problem, that then created the current ones! And I love stuff by Mental Floss, history as fun. I'm reading "Plato and a Platypus Walk Into a Bar" now! Good stuff!

  5. I read more non-fiction now, especially tho ones that help me stay positive.

    My Darcy Mutates…

  6. I primarily read non-fiction although I occasionally pick up a novel while on a trip. Novels keep me awake better in airports than non-fiction does. But if there is a topic I'm really interested in, non-fiction is what I will turn to. I'm currently reading "The Richest Man Who Ever Lived" by Steven K. Scott. Generally speaking most of the non-fiction I read is either motivational or Christian oriented. And of course, our own book is non-fiction. :)

  7. Morgan, for years I read exclusively non-fiction. I have branched out, but I still read lost of non-fiction. I love learning about things and places and people. Now it stirs ideas for my fictional writing.

  8. Anonymous11:42 AM

    I do like biographies of interesting people. I love European and U.S. history. And anything from Michio Kaku. So yes, I do read quit a bit of non-fiction.

    Stephen Tremp

  9. Anonymous9:26 AM

    It is good to mix it up,once in a while.

  10. First, LOVE your "serious face."

    Second, I LOVE to read nonfiction, though I didn't used to. I especially like anything to do with history or nature and survival stories.

  11. Anonymous5:02 PM

    yes, but not on my Kindle. For non-fiction, I tend to highlight, underline and annotate. Harder to do on Kindle


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