Thursday, July 28, 2011

RAIN is a four-letter word

I know lots of four-letter words that I won't list here. During the winter, SNOW is one of them.
These days, I've added RAIN to my list.

All week it has kept me from doing the edits on Forever Young-Blessing or Curse.

After what might be described as a drought, rain came down in buckets last Friday night and more is predicted. That's not good news because our basement took in 6 inches of water while we lay in bed unaware of the floodgates being opened. Lots of throwing out of Christmas items where the dye ran, plus other wet items, some that should have been discarded years ago. A horrible way to clean out the basement which needed cleaning!

Treasures found were photos in a waterlogged Rubbermaid container, which I rescued after many tedious hours of separating them to dry. It was worth the effort to bring back such memories.

I'm very disappointed that the Rubbermaid containers turned into flotation devices and tipped over with lids coming undone. I'd thought they would be more secure.

I keep telling myself it could have been worse, since many people threw out carpeting and other items that got ruined, and we don't keep anything really fancy down there.

With the forecast of more RAIN this afternoon and  tonight, the DH and I are hoping it won't be visiting our basement! If it does, it won't find too much left to get wet.


  1. Morgan, I'm so sorry! Glad you saved the photos. Yes, all they need to do is dry. If they curl, press them between some heavy books.
    And then please send some rain our way.

  2. Crazy isn't it? We went from so brown and crunchy dry to the weather guy saying it might be the wettest July on record- all in what a couple of days?
    Hope your basement stays dry~

  3. Dear,

    How can you have so many thoughts about rain?Interesting!

    karen millen

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  5. Anonymous9:35 AM

    We alos place pics in Zip Lock bags as an added precaution against wetness. It works!

  6. I'm late seeing this. So sorry to hear about all that rain. Glad you saved the photos though. I'd hate to lose any of my precious pictures.

  7. The saga continues as I keep cleaning up and finding more containers holding water. I should have done before pictures, so I could show after pictures once the basement is all done. Too late now.

    Morgan Mandel


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