Saturday, February 06, 2021

NOW AVAILABLE!!! FOUND AT THE POUND: A Senior Romance Featuring 2 Dog Lovers


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    A lonely widower still mourning the loss of his wife. A bestselling author who's never found a man to live up to the heroes in her books.

    They both meet at the dog shelter. 

    If you like sweet, clean romance and also like to read about dogs, this ones for you!


    No longer need he sit on the familiar couch in front of the TV and turn to share something with his wife, only to again realize she wasn’t there to hear or answer him.

    The huge sense of loss had not diminished over the past two years. This house held far too many memories for his peace of mind. Time to let go once and for all.

    Now the rooms lay empty, except for the precious memories of what once had been. Wherever he went, he’d carry those with him the rest of his days.

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