Friday, April 10, 2009

Cell, Land Line or Both?

When I was getting ready for bed Thursday night, I checked the power on my cell phone, as I often do. I happened to notice I missed a call from my friend. I had spoken to her fifteen minutes before, but she got another call and was going to call back. In the meantime, she called my landline. I had wondered at the time why she did that, but didn't ask.

Apparently the call to my cell didn't go through, or maybe I just didn't hear it with the TV on.
It's a good thing I have both kinds of phones.

What about you? Do you use a cell, land line or both? Which do you like better, or does it depend? Please share.


  1. We still have a landline, although we've considered getting rid of it. (We're unlisted, but people still manage to track down the number, whereas cell phone numbers are impossible to locate.)

    For local calls, I use the landline. For long distance, I use my cell. I do prefer that close family & friends call on our landline, as it's much easier to hold on to for an hour! (Besides, by dinnertime, my cell phone is OFF!)

    L. Diane Wolfe

  2. I used to have a land line mostly to support my DSL I had at the time, and for my kids to communicate with their friends when they were younger. Now, since everyone in my house has cell phones, and land line wasn't used in over a year, I totally eliminated this monetary drain. Of course I still think that cell phones are not as reliable in case of emergencies, battery discharge or simple service issue, but i am keeping positive outlook and keep reminding myself of the phone bill I was paying.
    I love Vonage BTW. I have it at work, and it has simultaneous ring options, so cell or the unit rings at the same time regardless. No one knows if Im not at work! :)


  3. Anonymous9:20 AM

    I only use my cell phone these days. It's cheaper with all the (what would be on a land line) long distance calls. Most people I know primarily use just a cell anymore. But I think a business still must have land lines.

  4. I primarily use the land line because I prefer to talk to friends and family from home.

    Jane Kennedy Sutton

  5. Anonymous11:37 AM

    We have both the land line phone and the cell. I love having my cell phone with me when I walk the dogs. Sometimes i get so far away from home, it's nice to have a phone with me to phone my hubby and ask him to come and bring me and the dogs home.

  6. Anonymous was me. Somehow, the submit button press before I was ready.

  7. We have both. Mainly use the land line like a couple other people said, for talking with friends/family for hours.

  8. I hate all phones!!!!!! And wow Morgan, did you realize you have over 1,000 followers???

  9. I don't use phones as much, that's true. I use email most of the time. I use my Iphone for other stuff than as a phone usually.

    Pushing for 2,000 followers now!
    Morgan Mandel

  10. We gave up our landline and every member of our family has a cell phone now. We were all using cell phones anyway so we decided why have the extra bill?

  11. We use both. I actually don't use my cell phone except for emergencies and when I'm afraid I might forget something.

  12. We still have both, but I long to ditch the land line. Only telemarketers call it anymore...

  13. I have both a landline and a mobile, but we live so fart in the middle of nowhere country, I have no mobile service. If I switched to a different company, I could get it, but I am not fond of the company with a tower out here, simply because that tower should provide service to other phones, not just the one. So I use my mobile for errands and trips, and my landline at home.



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