Thursday, April 02, 2009


Marvin Wilson practically dared me to do a blog on cheese, so I am. It won't be too long, since I'm asking you to hop over to my other post today. More on that later.

Okay, here's how you can apply cheese to characters in your books.

Sharp Cheese - A sharp-tongued, clever, sharp thinking person

Mild Cheese - A mild mannered person.

Spicy Cheese a/k/a Cheezy - Sexy, hot person.

Runny Cheese - A person all over the place, can't handle life.

CheeseHead - Wisconsin resident. (Don't get mad at this one. I happen to love Wisconsin. It's my second home where we have our summer cottage. Notice my sweatshirt in the left column of this blogspot.)

Can you think of other characters from cheese? Please share.

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  1. Anonymous7:42 AM

    Nice job on my suggested analogy post, Morgan! Ahm - lesseee - how about a smelly, foul street person character - Limburger cheese?

  2. Swiss cheese. A person whose ideas are full of holes.


  3. How about:
    Velveeta - a smooth operator?

    I once knew a guy who was constantly working on his looks - weights, Botox, hair plugs, etc, but still couldn't get dates. Would he be processed, Kraft singles?

    Ha ha,
    Gayle Carline

  4. Funny post. Cream Cheese for a smooth talker?

    Jane Kennedy Sutton

  5. Soy cheese - for the naturalist type?

    L. Diane Wolfe

  6. You're all coming up with some really good ones I didn't even think of. Wonder if there are any more out there?

    Morgan Mandel


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