Saturday, April 25, 2009

Facebook's New Rules

Power to the People!

I just read in the Daily Herald that Facebook's new rules specify that users do own their own information when posting to Facebook.

Some months back a great storm brewed with Facebook's attempt to hold rights to certain personal content posted by members. Objections were overwhelming. I, among others, rushed over to our Facebook accounts and removed photos and articles we didn't wish to be claimed by Facebook.

Anyway, a vote was taken, the members spoke their minds, and we won!

Goes to show, if you don't like something, don't gripe where it doesn't count. Speak up to those that matter and you could make a difference.

What about you, do you use Facebook? Why? If you don't, why not? What do you think about the new rules and/or speaking up? Please share.


  1. I do use Facebook and I almost stopped when that whole business about content ownership erupted. I think the whole thing is pretty sad because it never should have happened. They never should have tried to flex their muscles like that. It's a good thing the public reacted the way it did or it could've turned into a horrible mess.

  2. be careful on Face Book... Today on the BBC.

    Ill' worker fired over Facebook
    Facebook logo in human eye, Getty
    Facebook has been involved in a number of workplace controversies

    A Swiss woman has lost her job after her employers spotted she was using the Facebook website when she had claimed to be too ill to use a computer.

    The unnamed woman was suffering a migraine and had told her employer, Nationale Suisse, she needed to lie in a darkened room.

    The company said its discovery that she was also using Facebook destroyed its trust in her and prompted her sacking.

    But the woman told a Swiss newspaper she was innocent.

    The woman, who is from Basle, said she had been accessing the internet on her iPhone while in bed.

    She said she did not believe the company's assertion that a colleague had inadvertently noticed her using Facebook, accusing it instead of spying on her.

    She said the company had created a fictitious Facebook persona which become "friends" with her, allowing the company to monitor her online activity.

    Her suspicions were raised when the "friend" suddenly disappeared after she was fired, the woman told 20 Minuten daily.

    But the company says it followed a simple logic: that those who are well enough to use Facebook with a migraine are well enough to work with a migraine.

    It is not the first time Facebook has been involved in a workplace controversy. Some companies have banned it altogether, while others have fired employees over statements they make about work while online.

  3. Nice post. I used facebook as a marketing tool. You have to be careful in public forums.

  4. I am currently on Facebook, but not in my writer persona. I find it very awkward to work with and much prefer MySpace. However, most writers, agents, editors, etc. seem to be on Facebook and Twitter. I have been considering starting up "professional" pages on both sites but haven't done it yet. I'm just getting started and really don't think I have anything to promote yet.

    The blogs/network sites that I am on I've not done well with keeping up with posting as I usually feel I've nothing to say that anyone wants to read. That's another reason I'm hessitating to start up writer pages, etc. I've no idea what I'll say.

  5. I am on facebook but can't say I use it heavily.

  6. I use Facebook, but I don't spend a lot of time there.


  7. I'm on FaceBook and think it's far better than MySpace. (For one thing, i actaully KNOW all of my FaceBook friends, as opposed to my first MySpace account where every weirdo in the world tried to friend me.) It is also my third most frequented social site behind Deviant Art and Blogger.

    I am happy they fixed the wording on their words!

    L. Diane Wolfe

  8. I dearly love Facebook, but do not have enough time to play on there from work, so not worried about the issues with that. Besides, the people at my job are all so computer challenged, I doubt anyone would even know if I did.

  9. I use Facebook only for the fun of it. I used to write poetry on the site. Not anymore. I do not post my writings on it because I don't trust them enough. That is why I have a blogsite!

    Cindy Hernandez

  10. I use Facebook mainly so old friends from back home can easily find me. I'm never on there much actually though, I don't really care about the rules as I don't have more than like 5 pictures posted on there anyways.


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