Monday, April 13, 2009

How Many Books Do you Have In You?

How many books do you have in you?

A single (standalone) book or a spinoff or a series
My mystery, Two Wrongs, is a standalone, as is my romantic comedy, Girl of My Dreams. My new release this summer, Killer Career, will also be a standalone. So far, my work in progress, Forever Young, is intended to be at least two books, maybe more. One with the central story, heroine vs. villains, at least one or two spinoffs expanding on the core plot.

What about you? How many books are you working on or have you done? Are any of them spinoffs or series material? Please share.


  1. Anonymous7:29 AM

    em, you mean how many WIP's stirring? I have four right now in various stages, with ideas for lots more.

  2. I can't do sequels at ALL! I'm a standalone author all around, and my editor tells me that makes the marketing harder...

  3. Morgan, you always think up neat topics! I have one completed relationship book (needs to go over again for the millionth time), another book, a women's fiction, that I'm not sure if that one is ready to send out into the world yet, and that might be it. It's been so long since I worked on books, I forgot!

  4. I have three in print (might be nice to sell some of them), and at least six in various stages. Some are humor, two are autobiographies, one, no, two, deal with abuse, a couple deal with destiny. I also need to get my Amanda stories out someplace.

  5. Good question, Morgan! Hmmm. . . I have one stand alone, two out that are part of a series with the third book about to be sent off for final edits and three more sequels whirling around in my brain; plus one completed novel I'm shopping around to publishers, one rejected manuscript that I love, (do I dare mention the painful parts?) and about three WIP that I can't wait to get to!

  6. Grace9:04 AM

    I've written two stand alone books and now working on a series.

  7. I have one juvenile series that I plan to write, two single titles (the first one needs major rewrites so shouldn't be counted until it's combed through bigtime), one single title that I'm halfway through currently, and two stand alone that are planned out to write next!

  8. My non-fiction is obviously a stand-alone, but my YA is a series of five. I love doing series! I love exploring other characters and the freedom provided once the first book has established the whole scenario.

    L. Diane Wolfe

  9. I have two novels in progress. One of them is a standalone, while the other is meant to be a trilogy. :) I have all three books in the second all mapped out.
    Jenny Bean

  10. I've written several books, but the one I'm working on now, I see as a series. My nonfiction is part of a series, but each one is separate from the other.


  11. I've had one stand alone published, another is almost finished and I have a few more ideas so I hope to be able to continue writing for a while. However, I'd love to come up with an idea for a series - I think it would be fun to begin a book with a character I knew thoroughly.

    Jane Kennedy Sutton

  12. Hi Morgan
    In response to your Question about how many books do I have in me?

    Now that I made it a bit past the half-way mark (over 50 years on the planet), my self-imposed 32 year wait period is done and I am releasing my storehouse of past and on-going work to the public.

    I declared myself to be a "Writer" at the age of 23, and had two novels completed, and ready to submit by the time I was 25.

    Then, as if by strange coincidence, I met an old man who checked out a character sketch I was working on of a waitress in a cafe. He began to ask me what writers I had read, then seeing my 23 year old scant knowledge, he began to recite various parts of several writers works from heart. Needless to say his memory and mental storehouse of literature was impressive... He had served for 23 years in the Merchant Marines and had read every book in all the ships library's he served on. ( by the way the farthest he went in school was the 7th grade!)

    To make a long story a wee bit shorter--- he is the one who suggested that, "A writer has 'no juice' to share til he's over 50!" So I owe a debt of gratitude to that gentleman for the time to "age my juice."
    If you want to get an idea of my style please check out the Reader Reviews of my book Champion on the Barnes & Noble page at
    All the best,
    Miles Cobbett, Author Champion
    PS while I keep my focus on geting the word out about Champion, my next releases will just have to wait...

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  14. To this point, I have written primarily short stories although one of them had three sequels. I have done a few multi-chapter stories that are more novella length. All are fanfiction and not able to be published.

  15. Hi, Morgan! Interesting question. Currently, I have 2 out that are definite stand-alones. My newly released, "It's Elementary, My Dear Winifred" can quite possibly be a series. (Both my publisher and reviewer are wanting more. :) ) And the ms. I've recently subbed is a standalone.

  16. Great question, Morgan :-) I have one stand alone book published (although some have suggested I write a prequel). I am working on two standalone books--and have one that I have yet to decide whether it will be one book or a series.

  17. Oooh, interesting question! I'm currently working on finishing my 9th novel. Three of them--I realized after I wrote them--could be loosely connected because they're all romantic comedies and set in a somewhat similar location. None of the other six are in any way related, though...

  18. Greetings --

    One published April 2007.
    Another published October 2008.
    A third in process due out October 2009.
    Several more in outline ready to be worked on.

    All nonfiction and about the same topics (mathematics, statistics, modeling, and simulation applied to the stock market), but not serial.


  19. For some reason I think in threes. The first manuscript I finished--which is lingering in between editing and being ignored--is the second of a planned trilogy. For some reason I had to write the middle of the story before I could cement the previous happenings in my mind; and the ending of the second book lends itself to another book.



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