Wednesday, August 05, 2009


I got my bio ready for the Blog Book Tour for Killer Career and sent it off to Mary Welk for my first stop at her blog on August 12. Afterwards, I wondered, should I use the same bio at all the stops?

Have you gone on a tour yet? What did you do? If you haven't gone on one, what would you do? Use the same one each time, or think up a new one?


  1. My fourth tour starts next week and I confess, I sent the same bio. Each stop received the full one and the shortened version.

    L. Diane Wolfe

  2. Hi Morgan! Hey, I'm ON TOUR right now! Because I write for both adults and kids, I tweak my bio for the site I'm visiting at the time. I've tried, this year, to start blurring the line a bit btwn my two personas. It's hard to keep them separate.

    I'll stop by some of your stops. Mary & Mary (your first two) are both delightful ladies. Have a great trip!

    And congrats on Killer Career!


  3. Hey, Morgan,

    When I host a touring book I usually see the same bio attached to all the media releases the author, publisher or PR agency provide.

    Makes sense and a whole lot less work for you!

    Peg, from WPM

  4. I use the same one but I try to tweak it for the blog I'll be visiting.

  5. I haven't been on 'tour' yet, but I think it would be nice to mention some different detail each time, but I have a feeling that is a lot easier said than done!

  6. Hi Morgan,
    I've never done a "blog tour" per se, but I do blog a lot more when my books release. I always tweak the bio a bit so that I reveal something a little different at each stop. Oftentimes the revelation is something related to the topic I'm blogging on. I do that because I don't want to bore anybody, and some loyal friends/fans turn up at most of my stops.

  7. As a host, I most likely get the same bio as every other stop. It would be nice if it could be tweaked to fit my blog, though. Followers most likely get tired of reading the same thing at each stop and just skip on past it after a while.

    Straight From Hel

  8. Mostly authors use the same bio as I've given them full page books almost to write in regards to interviews and such and if I told them to create a new bio each time, they'd slaughter me, lol.

  9. Writing a bio is harder than writing a blurb! I haven't done a blog tour yet but need to get one going for my upcoming release. I imagine I'll do one that's short and sweet and the same everywhere that leads them to my website for more info where I can ramble longer.

    Good luck on your tour!

  10. I liked the review of the book very much. I imagine I'll do one that's short and sweet and the same everywhere that leads them to my website for more info where I can ramble longer.

  11. yes I mention different detail each time.


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