Saturday, October 24, 2009

Guest Recording from A Book and a Chat

For those with busy schedules and couldn't listen this morning, here's the LINK for the recording from my guest appearance on Barry Eva's blog talk radio show, A Book and a Chat. Barry experienced unexpected Internet difficulties at the beginning, which kept my connection from going through for about the first 10 minutes, but he managed to fill in marvelously. Fortunately, it's a half hour show, so I had lots of time to trade remarks with him.

I got this cute pic from Barry as well to put up here and on my blog. Barry has lots of great guests on his show and also does some great blog posts. At present, he's got over 100 reviews for his YA book, which you can read more about at his blogspot at

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  1. Anonymous5:42 PM

    Great pic - congratulations on the "book and a chat." What a fun thing to do!

    Over 100 reviews? My goodness. That's quite an accomplishment. I'm headed to check it out right now. Thanks for posting.


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