Thursday, October 15, 2009

People Are Crazy

I heard on the radio this morning that some lady went into Burlington Coat Factory, told people she'd won the lottery and each person could pick $500 worth of merchandise and she'd pay for it. Shoppers called friends and the place was mobbed.

The lady said she was going to the bank and left in her limo. She came back and told everyone she hadn't won the lottery after all. She couldn't even pay the limo driver the $900 she owed him. People got so mad they started trashing the store.

Who was more crazy, the lady who lied, or the people who trashed the store? I'd hesitate about putting a scene like that in a book since it would be unbelievable, unless it were maybe a comedy.

Have you heard of any stories about people doing crazy things? Have you included a scene in a book where a person or persons does something crazy?

By the way, here's the link on Youtube for Billy Currington's song, People Are Crazy. It's one of my favorites.


  1. wild story! and yes people are crazy. ha! Stop by for a blog award!

    Chris Verstraete
    Searching For A Starry Night, A Miniature Art Mystery

  2. That is just nuts! Did she get arrested for disturbing the peace or enciting a riot?

    I have a scene in my next book where the man's girlfriend jumps out of the car and to follow her, he has to drive his little sports car across a dark public park - and he is NOT the type to do outlandish things!

  3. The way the news reported it here, she never went back to the Burlington, the cops had to come and disperse the crowd, and the woman was later arrested for fraud and inciting a riot.

  4. MORGAN--now here's a blog I can understand. A story: this week, up north of Dallas, a man in a pickup filled up with gas and drove away without paying. The owner called the cops who came right away and approached the man in his truck in their police car. The man tried to ram them head-on--a felon, right there, punishable by prison sentence--but then took off. He led them on a chase--sometimes high speed, sometimes slow--for two and a half hours, all over North Texas. At each town, the police threw down spikes, and the guy's tires on the left side started going down. He kept on, driving on the two rims. This slowed him down--by that time, he'd crossed eight counties, and in the end, there were nine police cars following. When he pulled onto a country road and had to drive slow becasue of the tires, the police did a "Pit and roll." Tap the guy's bumper in such a way that his truck would spin. It did, right into a deep ditch filled with water and mud. When they pulled him out of the truck, they threw him facedown in the water and mud to cuff him.All during the chase, the guy would wave at the news helicopters overhead. Now, he's going to prison, all for the price of a tank of gas. A very crazy thing to do. Celia

  5. Anonymous12:34 PM

    Is this for real? I can imagine that she could fool everyone, but to leave and then COME BACK to admit she lied? Sounds really weird, and dangerous.

    Those folks shouldn't have messed up the store, though. That's even worse form.

  6. OK...clearly this woman is a little beyond crazy, but I'm kinda wondering about the shoppers. Maybe I'm cynical, but I would be suspicious of someone choosing Burlington Coat Factory as the place to display their generosity. Call me crazy, but...

  7. Well next time the editor tells us "no one would be this crazy" we have evidence to the contrary.

  8. From one Morgan to another:

    To answer your question about crazy things, since our Silver Sisters mysteries are filled with zany things, yes, we've had some pretty goofy stuff going on in our books. From the Greatest Gourmet Gladiator Tournament, a televised cooking competition more over-the-top than Iron Chef, in "A Corpse in the Soup," to an action-filled scene with a motorcycle gang saving our eldersleuths, Flossie and Sterling, in "Seven Deadly Samovars." And that's just the beginning.

    But this non-winning lottery babe is something that would be worthy of being one of our capers. Good lord, it belongs in the annal of stupid crooks. She really wasn't a crook, I guess, but the limo driver got conned out of his fee and it sounds like WalMart was the big loser.

    "Seven Deadly Samovars" now in paperback


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