Thursday, February 11, 2010

Dann and Raymond's Movie Club Oscar Night

Not too much time to blog, since tonight I was over at the Arlington Heights Memorial Library for another great program of Dann and Raymond's Movie Club by the dynamic duo, longtime Daily Herald film critic, Dann Gire, and renowned author, newspaper freelancer, and musician, Raymond Benson.

The DH and I, along with an estimated a crowd of about 200, were treated to choice film clips, informed comments and quips about current movies and actors nominated this year for the Oscars.

I hadn't seen many of the films, but now I intend to do so, except for perhaps Up. That movie should have been named Down. The short clip left just about everyone in the audience sniffling and wiping their eyes. I don't feel like going through that experience again.

Other than that downer, it was an enjoyable evening.

Have you seen any of the nominated films? Will you be watching the Oscars?


  1. I've seen most of them and posted a review of one at my blog today!

    Yes, Up was depressing. One of the few Pixar films I didn't like.

  2. I liked Up though I don't think it deserves an Oscar. I've seen Up in the Air which I didn't like, that's a real downer despite George Clooney. I loved Blind Side. Didn't care for the Basterds. Can't remember what they all were, but I'll be watching the Oscars because I always do.



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