Thursday, February 18, 2010

What Should I Put On My Extra Pages?

Now that Blogger has added a new feature where blogs can now have up to 10 more pages added to them, I'm in a quandary. What should I put on those extra pages? I'm thinking maybe a bio, book excerpts, some photos. Still, that's a lot of pages to fill up. If I do fill them up, I wonder if I'll even need my website any  more at . It's something to ponder.

Not only that, when will I ever have time to start such a project?

Will you be using your extra pages? What will you use them for?

PS You can access this by going to Layout and picking the first gadget which gives you the ability to add pages.


  1. I guess I'm really dumb, but then again when it has to do with computers I'm not too surprised.
    Forgive me for being so unawares, but how many pages does blogger give us now? And what do you mean by pages anyway? Is this in our blog archives? Are we limited? Is there a blogger link that I can go to read about this info?
    Gosh I'm so embarrassed that I'm asking all this, but I bet I'm not the only one who doesn't know-- or am I? oh how embarassing!

  2. I just found out about this tonight. Seems we can go to the layout section and pick the first gadget, then make up to 10 pages for our blogs. I'll be investigating further when I figure out what to put on them and carve out some time to do it.

    Morgan Mandel

  3. New to me... I've been thinking of combining two of my blogs. This will probably seal the deal!

  4. Well, if I expand the team i'd be tempted to use a page for reviews and a page for interviews and articles, but would that confuse the readers?

  5. My, my--looks like Blogger is trying to become Wordpress, isn't it? If it had a feature like extra pages two years ago, I would never have moved to another blog hosting service.

    What I plan to do with my extra pages on Wordpress is pretty much what you'd expect--bios of me and my co-blogger, for instance.

    One thing I would like to do but can't (one of the many frustrations I have with Wordpress)is have a separate page for my longer, essay-style blog posts. I want to have something like TV and comic book writer Mark Evanier's blog over at, but I'd like to have more than one essay on a page. The way Wordpress is set up now, I'd have to have a separate page for each essay post I want to separate from the main page, and that could get unweildy.

  6. Morgan,
    Having extra pages might prove to be helpful and a way to save money, but would potential publishers and/or agengs consider this a professional website? I would love to do away with mine...I don't know html so I have to pay someone $7.00 every time I make any type of change. Last year I wanted to redesign my site because it had become so cumbersome with all the added books, trailers, etc., and my head spun when I got charged $350.00. Now I have something to consider.
    Thanks for the info.


  7. I knew you could add extra pages if you knew the html code in blogger, but this will make it a lot easier and was always one of the reasons I set up at WordPress with two of my blogs. I already know what's going on my extra pages.

  8. Morgan, this is the first I've heard of having 10 extra pages! How do you access them? Maybe you should do a blog about where they are and how you access them. Good luck figuring out what to do with them.

  9. Well I'll be's about time! Now how to set these up...

  10. MORGAN--please keep us posted on your progress and what you learn. I love my website, because I have control of it, can change the layout, the pages, designs, add or subtract pages all by myself. I set it by myself, not knowing a thing about it. I do get a fair amount of visitors, and with the Yahoo Small Business Program, I can see which pages gets the most hits.--Out of 7 pages--most hits? Home page, of course, that comes up first. Next, Photo page, Next bio page with photo. I actually deleted my photo page because I thought I might just be entertaining folks. So, if I can figure out HTML code--which I cannot--I might add pages. Hmm, this requres some thinking. Celia

  11. Thanks for posting. I must be dumb too, because I didn't know anything about it, but I will go in and see what I can do with it, but computer savvy I am not.

  12. This is news to me and I can't wait to find out more! Thanks.

    P.S. I think it's funny that my word verification is "jayne."

  13. I'm going to have to wait until my computer savvy kids can help me with the extra pages. In thinking about what to do with them, I am with you, will we need a separate Web site? I find it so hard to be updating my blog and my site and doing all the other promo things we do. It would be nice to be able to do all the updating in one place. But then, I'd lose the lovely Web site my daughter made for me.

  14. I'm definitely going to check it out. I hadn't heard about this, but I am in a quandry over starting a website for when my book comes out and this might be a way around it. I can by a domain name, so that would make it more professional looking.

    Thanks for sharing.


  15. I have always loved blogger more than wordpress but as others here have said, had to use WP for my website in order to make it usable. this will sweeten my using blogger a ton!

  16. Call me overly cautious if you will, but I'm not going to trust my website to a free service that can go away at any time. I've heard some horror stories about Gmail accounts being arbitrarily discontinued, documents disappearing from Google Apps, and so on. Not to mention the privacy issues. I don't want anyone to make a connection between my literary identity and my real world one.

    Of course a paid hosting service can cause you problems too (believe me, I've had some!) but there at least you have some recourse. After all, you're paying.

    I also want the control that I get with my own hosting service. I don't have to rely on someone else's tools which may be (read, "are") buggy.

    Lisabet the Curmudgeon

  17. Anonymous2:46 AM

    Fantastic! I had no idea you could do all this on Blogger. Thanks for the how-to!
    Pat Browning


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