Sunday, December 27, 2009

Giving and Receiving

Giving makes me feel good. Sharing love with my family, a smile with a child, a writing tip with an author, walks with my dog - there are so many ways I can give to others and feel good about it.

Receiving also makes me feel good, but for some reason it's harder for me to accept from others than to give to them.

Why I'm writing about this today is because it's the end of the year. The DH and I didn't make as much money in 2009 as in prior years. Still, there are many less fortunate than us. Also, there are tons of worthy causes in need of support, especially with our sagging economy.

For the next day or so, I'll be making out checks to my favorite charities. This is a practice I perform every year after Christmas. It's a way to give back a portion of what I've received during the year. Some of my favorite charities are: Little City, St. Jude's Children's Hospital, National Federation of the Blind, American Lung Association, Alzheimer's Disease Research, Catholic Relief, American Red Cross. There are more, but I don't want to bore you with my entire list.

I'll get a tax break in return for sharing, but much more than that will be the feeling that I've helped in some way to make this world a better place.

What about you? Do you enjoy giving to charities?


  1. I give to several animal charities, but the bulk of our giving goes toward our church. They have numerous missions, funds, and visiting speakers with ministries, and I like giving where I can see donations actually being used.

  2. I give and do not expect anything in return.I strongly believe that I can only get better when I make people comfortable.

  3. Like Diane, most of our charitable giving goes to our church. With the money they offer many wonderful outreach opportunities for those less fortunate.

  4. I do, but not all at once like you. I give over the year. I am about to write a check to the Best Friends Animal Society in my cousin's name. She died just before Christmas and that was her favorite charity.

    Straight From Hel

  5. We give to several charities throughout the year, and I always make sure we give something extra at Christmas time. Our family has also opted out of major gift-giving some years and made contributions to charities such as Ronald McDonald House, St. Judes Hospital, among others. I think a balance between giving and receiving is a good thing to teach to children.

  6. Our non-profit organization is often the grateful recipient of year end donations, but we also have those ministries and our church that we support throughout the year. Our partner ministry and one that we delight to help is one that works with children in Brazil who are in danger of becoming "street kids." Most are from absent father homes and from the poorest of neighborhoods. The ministry, called The Father's House, teaches life skills to these kids and many have taken a useful, productive place in society over the years. They operate on a shoestring budget and do such good with so little.

  7. MORGAN--I believe I've seen statistics that show people with lower incomes--including middle class--give more to charities percentage-wise than the top wealthy strata. My husband rings the Salvation Army bell at Christmas, and he says almost every person he identifies as lower-income will throw in change or bills. The best-dressed walk right by--buy maybe they sent a check instead, so I won't judge them on that.
    We have a list of regular places to give. Like so many, our church gets a fair share, plus I'm in a women's church circle of about 40, and that group provides opportunities throughout the year to give or share with.
    Other than our regular charities, I give when something moves me. This year I bought two tickets to the Children's Film Festival at our local 12-seat theater so 2 underprivileged children could attend--16 bucks. Jan. 15 I will imagine my two "kids" going to the film festival and having a blast.
    Thankfully, I do not have to deal with numbers. I live with an accountant whoo has a mathematical brain. Celia

  8. I enjoyed your post and your enthusiasm for helping others. I give clothes to the local goodwills, and my wife and I also give to the local animal shelter. Happy New Year Everyone

  9. What a lovely post, Morgan! I actually don't give to any one charity in particular, however I do the giving trees, purchase books for book drives and anything like that that I can do. It is my one desire to give to others and help to make their lives a bit brighter. If I could, I would spend each and every day doing so and each and every penny that I have doing so. There is absolutely no better feeling than knowing you brought a smile to someone's face. I would much rather give than to receive. The gift of someone else's happiness is all the gift that I ever need.


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