Saturday, December 12, 2009

Rascal Visits Bentley's Corner Barkery

Rascal gets so much joy from visiting Bentley's Corner Barkery we take her there at least once or twice a week. On the way there, as we were walking down the street, a guy said, "That's a good looking dog."

Afterwards, the DH and I had to laugh. As usual, Rascal's more popular than either of us. Since I've got some new friends here now, you've probably not seen a video of our dog child, so here's one from one of her visits to Bentley's.


  1. I'm guesing this wasn't shot in December, given that the DH is wearing shorts and a short-sleeved shirt?

    Bentley got all kinds of excited the moment he saw the front door! Looks like a good dog, though :^)

  2. You need to take her to Key West. My brother and his wife took their two Basset girls and the puppies almost had their own fan club. One restaurant in particular not only tolerates dogs but seems to love having them visit. I also have a photo of a dog sitting on a stool at one of the local bars, but that was too much of a leap for the Bassets.



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