Sunday, August 22, 2010

Shining Light

I've got to figure out a way to make my light shine brighter. In church on Sunday morning, I noticed the sunlight shining through the stain glass window so brightly I couldn't tell whether one of the candles by the altar was lit or not.

I feel kind of like that candle with the bright light overpowering it. I either have to move my candle elsewhere or make myself shine brighter. I notice lots of writers are moving their candles over a bit to epublishing, which I also do and may do even more in the future. The problem is the shiny ones are moving over now, too. How do I get away from them, or find a way to shine brighter? Such a dilemma.

Are you experiencing something similar? Or, maybe you've found a solution.


  1. HI Morgan,

    I've noticed a strong trend with the bright and shining stars infiltrating the ebook ranks.

    It can be overwelming to consider having more competition, but realistically, all we can control is the quality of our own writing. Word of mouth is better than any book trailer or ad or bookmark or whatever. Book buzz is what we all hope comes our way.

    I love that you remain open to messages from the universe during church.

    Take care,


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