Sunday, August 08, 2010

Smashwords - I'm On It!!! Hooray!!!

I did it!! I'm on Smashwords!!!
Lots of reading and checking to make sure I formatted everything exactly right, but it looks like I did. Killer Career is up on the site and ready for people to download in tons of ebook formats.

If you use ebooks, you'll most likely find a format there that works for you, all at $2.99.

I'm offering a 40% free sample of Killer Career at Smashwords, just in case you're not sure whether or not you want to spend the $2.99 for the entire book. Here are some links:

Morgan Mandel's Smashwords Author Profile:

Book page to sample or purchase Killer Career:

And, also, you'll notice to the left that I'm using a special Smashwords Edition cover, which converted nicely to black and white.

One more item off of my to-do list. This one took me a while to get around to doing it, but I'm so happy I got it done!!!


  1. Congrats - I just uploaded my 3rd short story there. Best of luck to you.
    Terry's Place
    Romance with a Twist--of Mystery

  2. You, too, Terry!


  3. Anonymous10:00 PM

    Cool. You took the plunge. Best wishes for your success. Once I get some extra $$$ I'm going to buy an eReader. Can't wait.

    Stephen Tremp

  4. Congratulations, Morgan!

  5. Good going Morgan! Nice cover... (I almost like the ebook cover better than the print!)

    Chris Verstraete
    Searching for a Starry Night - #1 on Kindle under minis!
    At Smashwords too!

  6. Congrats Morgan. I'm with Chris, I think I like the e-book cover better than the other one. Did you design it?

    I need to learn how to do better covers. My daughter was helping me, but some health issues have kept her away from the computer, so I guess it is time for me to learn something new.

    Good luck with the e-book.

  7. Glad you took the plunge into the blogosphere.

  8. Morgan congrats on getting onto Smashwords! Awesome. Did you do the cover yourself? Any tips?


  9. I used for both covers, then had to do some Adobe Acrobat to put the titles on. The second one was easier than the first because with the first I had to design the entire cover, including the rib and the back. That was not easy lining everything up.

    Morgan Mandel


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