Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Where I Am Lately

You're welcome to make comments at any of these blogs, even if not on the date I originally posted -

At the Acme Authors Link, tell us what your favorite social network is -

On Monday I did a blog about Mishaps and how to use them to advantage in manuscripts. I asked people to mention theirs, and got some unusual responses at

Here's a fun blog called Save the Goober, where you get to show how to fix a mangled manuscript excerpt -

At Spunky Seniors, you can see a blog about me and my pit bull at,
among other blogs from seniors. Thursday, Sept. 8, will be a post where I feature one of my favorites, The DanZman. If you sign up for emails, you won't miss any of the posts there or you can just drop by at any given time to see what seniors are up to.

Morgan Mandel
Killer Career still
99 cents on Kindle
and Smashwords.
Also in print for 13.95

Two Wrongs to be
re-released soon.

Forever Young-
Blessing or Curse
also coming soon.

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