Thursday, June 25, 2009

From Frustration to Fun

After my edits were done, I still spent many midnight oil nights trying to figure out how to get my cover for Killer Career to fit the template requirements provided by Lightning Source. When you have new programs you haven't used, it takes a while to get the hang of them. I wrestled quite a bit with Adobe Elements 7 and Acrobat Pro 9, but still was in the dark in more ways than one. Rascal kept whining and hinting she wanted to go to sleep, but I was still driven to get the cover down pat. (She won't go to her spot behind the easy chair until she makes sure I'm upstairs for the night.)

In frustration, from work I called my rep at Lightning Source and asked for help. She put it a message to the cover technician and I got a call back the same afternoon. It took about ten minutes for everything to click in my head and make sense. Sometimes that's all it takes, a few hints from someone in the know. The secret was using layers. He explained the concept and now I'm on a roll. I'm in control of the cover instead of the other way around.

It's turned into fun fooling around and getting it all just so. I expect to have the cover wrapped up as early as tonight or as late as this weekend.

That's a relief. Now I can go onto other things, like getting ready to submit for reviews, getting the book launch party promo ready, getting a pile of blogs for my virtual tour, lining up book signings. Okay, lots to do, but the most important will soon be out of the way.


  1. I use Paint Sho Pro of PSP as it's often mentioned. After version seven there was a very weird upgrade to version 8 after which the product was o purchased by Coral Draw.

    What is rather interesting is that many people still use and prefer PSP 7, so much so that they brought out a special anniversary addition a few years back. I'm glad I managed to get a copy, and use layers and floating images all the time.
    Glad you got everything sorted.. and of course it looks great!

  2. Now you can teach me when I'm ready. If you need reviewers or hosts, I'm available.

  3. I am taking computer classes so when I am ready I can do it all like a pro. My hat is off to you for having the patience of a saint, because to tell you the truth...I am scared silly that I am going to go blank when it is my turn!
    Cindy Hernandez


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