Thursday, September 17, 2009

Dog Trainer, Alex Brooks, at the Arlington Heights Memorial Library

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Morgan Mandel & Alex Brooks------------------------Twister

Tuesday night the DH and I had a great time at the Arlington Heights Memorial Library, where professional dog trainer, Alex Brooks, dispensed welcome advice to his eager audience.

Judging from the number of hands that went up in the question and answer period, it was obvious Alex's expertise was much needed.

Aggression over food, barkers, separation anxiety, and which collars to use were only a portion of the topics addressed.

I asked him what to do about Rascal's aggressive tendencies toward bikers, joggers, and skateboarders. I also mentioned part of the problem was she was deaf and couldn't hear them coming up from behind her. He suggested acquainting her with skateboards by going to a skateboard park. That way she'd come to consider them as routine. Now, I see a skateboard park in our future. (g)

His dog, Twister, shown above, is an American bulldog. She's white like our Rascal, but Rascal is a pit bull Dalmatian mix. Twister is taller and has a brown patch, instead of Rascal's black patch. Twister, like Rascal, is deaf. Alex used hand signals to train her.

Rascal pictured here.

It looked like Alex did a great job with Twister. After the presentation, anyone who wanted to could come up to the stage and pet her. The dog was super friendly, dispensing kisses and wagging her tail vigorously.

We hope to take in another Alex Brooks presentation soon. It was great fun and very informative. Here's the link to the Alex Brooks Canine Center, if you'd like more information about him and his work. Check out the cute dog on the main page while you're at it. Another thing to learn - how to do animation on my blog and website.


  1. That was the perfect event for you to attend, then! Especially since the trainer's dog is deaf, too.

  2. Wish our library offered different events such as this...sounded like fun!

  3. oscar wild, my terrier mix and i have been working on some hand signals for a while. he is not deaf (he just some chooses to be a terrier and ignore me. the reason for also using none verbal commands is that if i can get his attention from a distance, i might be able to get him to pay attention to the command and safe his neck.

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