Monday, September 28, 2009

Samples - Kindle - BSP

When I went grocery shopping, I used to see lots more free food samples to try out. Now, I don't see very many people offering me to sample their products. Maybe it's a sign of the slow economy and food companies can't afford samples.

Speaking of samples, Kindle offers free samples of books. If you own a kindle, along with all the bestselling novels, I invite you to try out a free sample of Killer Career. If you want more, it's at a very attractive price for a brand new book - $5.77. (g)  Hope you like it.


  1. Free food samples are rare now, but I could never try them anyway - always seemed to be meat of some variety!

  2. I wish Kindle books could be read on my e-bookwise. I'd be over for that free sample. :-)


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