Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Ouch - My Aching Back

I'm not spending too much time at the computer tonight because my back is hurting. It started late last night. I got up from the couch, stiffly as usual, since I'd been fooling around with my website at, trying out different fun stuff for the main page and had been at it for a while.

My desktop computer was still on. I reached over to turn it off and all of a sudden my low back really hurt, not just was stiff. It was hard making it up the stairs to the bedroom. I did go to work today, but left early so I could make my train. When I walk slow, it doesn't hurt too much. When I sit still, it feels stiff, but doesn't hurt a lot. But, if I try to walk normal, bend over or try to carry anything with any kind of weight, my back protests.

I'm turning on the heating pad, then gulping some generic Motrin, and hoping that will help.
The pharmacist said that would be okay with my other pills. She also mentioned a pain patch might help. I asked my boss who has had his share of back problems if bedrest was the answer. He said the going advice was to keep active instead.

What about you? Have you ever had a backache? What did you do for it?


  1. I usually entice my wonderful husband to give me a massage, use the heating pad for a bit, and then just keep on trucking. And I'll take Ibuprofen, but that's about it. I'm not big on drugs.

    If you pulled something, it will just take time to heal.

  2. Bless your heart. The answer is yep, all the time. Now the feet are starting to swell and I'm very active usually so it's not for lack of exercise. I know when I get those back aches, I can't work and call out...and they last days. It's funny...sometimes it's just the little bit of weight when you pick something up that'll do it. Sometimes I don't even remember what it was I lifted. I'm not much of a pill popper myself, but I do use Aleve, can't beat it.

  3. Get better quickly!

    My worst back problem was when I yanked a young man out of a pool from the deep end. He didn't know how to swim. I leaned over and grabbed his arm and pulled.

    I couldn't hardly move for 3 days! Don't really remember what I finally did, but don't have many back aches anymore.


  4. I'm sorry to hear that you're hurting. I hope it gets better soon.

    I've suffered with lower back pain for years now because I've injured my back three times. There are exercises you can do to help strengthen your back muscles, and walking for 20 minutes a day is very good for it too.

    Now that I am spending more time at my PC than I used to, I'm noticing more regular lower back pain, so I make a point to get up every hour and stretch. I have the heating pad on and I usually soak in a hot tub at night for an hour to help get me ready for bed.

    Take care.


  5. My chiropractor and various physical therapists I've seen in the past recommend ice first. Then a combination of ice and heat--10 to 20 minutes on, and off, switching back and forth as is comfortable. A menthol-based rub or spray is good, like Icy Hot or StoPain. Hope you feel better soon!

  6. Anonymous2:17 PM

    I hope your back is feeling better Morgan. I hurt mine sometimes when working out (I don't always have the best weight lifting form). Usually some ibuprofen, rest, and a backrub from The Hubs is all I need to get back to normal.

  7. back pain for the rest of my life from a car accident. Lots of rest, stretching, exercise, walking, ice, heat, medicine and make sure the keyboard, desk and chair are all ergonomically correct to avoid straining your back.

  8. I've had backaches but nothing that didn't work itself out in a day or two. I hope your pain goes away soon.

  9. I've had low backaches on a fairly low grade for years now -I attribute some of that to the aging process, some arthritis along with the type of work I used to do -restaurant work, ya know. But for the past six years -since I ended up with two herniated discs after having major abdominal surgery -the back pain is pretty much a constant thing now. Some days it is just a very low grade but other days, especially when the weather changes a lot, then it becomes more bothersome. The heating pad is pretty much a stead companion along with Ben Gay and other rub stuff! I hate to take aspirin or any stuff like that much as it tends to knock me out! My sleep habits are already whacky enough as it is.

  10. Much of the stiffness seems to have gone, but I still can't walk as fast as I used to without feeling it in my back. Also, if I forget myself and turn or bend down, I get this marvelous back spasm. It goes away, but while it's there, it's no fun.

    I used the heating pad last night and plan to use it again tonight, but still haven't broken down and used ibuprofen. I still might. I bought some. The pharmacist said for it to be really effective, I need to take two with three meals a day for two or three days to build it up in my bloodstream. I'm not to happy with the idea but if I need to, I will. I'll see first how it does tomorrow.

    Morgan Mandel

  11. I use prescription Motrin. 600 milligrams. Now THAT helps!

    The Old Silly

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  13. having had major back surgery the start of this year I can tell you all about backaches.Bedrest is not brilliant specially if you can settle because of the pain. I did get one of those inverter tables and that does help. meanwhile I try and keep off the meds the doc gave me (vailiam and pergaset) and just make sure I stretch a lot. Still painful though and driving more than an hour aches. But I'm working through it.. never let it get you down!

  14. I'm one of those who's learned not to carry too heavy a purse, not to lift much at all, and faithfully do my back exercises. If I'm a good girl it can be controlled with Tylenol and I've learned to be a very good girl. With me, the exercises are the trick. If anyone wants me to e-mail me and I'll try to describe them to you. Mostly stretching the back muscles at least once a day.

  15. best wishes for a speedy recovery Morgan. Also -- your website is looking very nice. Did you do all that yourself???

  16. I go see the chiropractor. Ask around to be sure of getting someone competent. Gentle Yoga stretches are also good. My husband has some exercises he's doing. Bedrest is bad.

  17. Hope you get better, Morgan! The heating pad always helps in my case.

  18. Carola2:16 PM

    I just herniated a disk for the third time. Can't walk more than a few steps--bent over--without agony. But it's nowhere near as bad as the first time, when I didn't know what had happened and my muscles got so knotted the physiotherapist said she'd never seen anything like it. Now I keep heavy-duty pain-pills on hand and use 'em right away. Doctors just want to recommend surgery. By pure chance I found a book call The Complete Doctors Healthy Back Bible, followed its suggestions, and would recommend it to anyone with any kind of back pain.

  19. Ice for the first 24 hours, then heat for the next 48. If you can lay on the floor with your legs elevated on the couch, it will flatten your spine on the floor and line it up.

    If you have to take something, take an anti-infamitory like Ibuprophen or Naproxin Sodium.
    It works.

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