Thursday, April 22, 2010

Facebook and Conference

Things have to settle down soon, but in the meantime I'm torn between getting more established on Facebook and getting ready for Spring Fling Conference this weekend.

I've finally gotten my 25 quota for fans for my Fan Page, so now I can shorten the url. I'll have to figure out what to use for that. My regular Facebook Page is pretty simple:
Should I call it I'll have to think about it.

Now, for the conference. I've finally figured out what to wear and what to pitch. I'm kind of, but not completely ready, hoping it won't rain to hard trying to get there, and determined to have a good time anyway!

I'll let you know what happens on both Facebook and the Conference.



  1. Keep us posted!
    I went with a group instead of fan page for my series, and that seemed to work for me.

  2. I ditto your sentiments about the conference! I feel like I'm ready to pitch, and I desperately hope it doesn't rain to impede our travel too much!

    See you in a few hours!


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