Friday, April 16, 2010

Ning is going premium - Facebook, here we come

I heard Thursday that Ning networks are going premium only, meaning network creators have to ante up to keep their networks. This is one network creator who will be bowing out. No way will I be coerced to pay. Can't afford it and don't intend to collect dues from my members. Too much of a hassle.

So, I've started two groups at Facebook, one called Book Place, for the Book Place Ning members, but all book lovers are welcome to join.

The other is Sixty and Savvy, for the Sixty and Savvy Ning members, and all who are near or over 60 or curious about what it's like. We'll share memorabilia, memories, tips, and more. 

I invite you to come on over and join us. Just go to the Search box at Facebook and type in one or both of the group names.

Morgan Mandel


  1. Anonymous9:30 PM

    Morgan, I belong to Ning too. But I will not pay for the service. Not a chance. Thanks for the FB sites. I'm going over to join Book Place right now.

    Stephen Tremp

  2. I have searched for Book Place on FB and can't find it. I don't see a link on your profile page either. I'll look again...


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