Friday, December 19, 2008

I Hate Snow, Do You?

Sorry for two hate-filled posts in a row. Can't help it. That's how life is going lately.

I know I've touched on this subject before, but it bears repeating. That's because it keeps repeating itself. It's not even officially winter, yet here we are in Illinois smacked with another snow storm.

Those people in Vegas who shared some of our snow yesterday were probably happy because it was a novelty for them. It's no novelty to me. I've had to deal with this stuff too many times before. It just gets in the way.

Okay, if I were a kid and could play in it, make snowmen and throw snowballs, I'd probably be happy about the copious amounts of that awful white stuff outside. Or if I were retired and had the luxury of curling up with a book at home or sitting in front of my computer writing, snowfall would be an incidentally pretty backdrop. Or if I'd already finished my Christmas shopping and hadn't wanted to walk the extra three blocks back and forth to the only Carson's left in the Downtown area this morning, the snow would not bother me quite as much.

Unfortunately, I'm none of those. I have a day job to get to. I know when I step out of Ogilivie Transportation Centre I won't be able to shop. I'll be headed straight to the office because those extra three blocks to Carson's will be slippery and too dangerous to maneuver. The bridge over the Chicago River will either be packed with snow or slush covered, two unpleasant scenarios.

On the bright side, the DH did buy a fantastic snowblower before all the snow came, so he's managed to clear the sidewalks around our house, which is no easy chore since we're on a corner. At this point, he's very happy with his purchase.

Since he's off today, he was able to drive me to the station and can pick me up tonight. Once I'm home after work, maybe the snow won't feel so much like a curse, but something pretty. Maybe. Until then, I'm not too happy.

Okay, pile it on. Who out there loves snow? Who hates it? Am I the only one?


  1. Do be careful out there!

  2. LOL, I love it. Of course, it's a novelty to us...too close to the ocean and not far enough up north, I suppose. I like to stand out my back door with the outside light on and watch it coming down and it gives me a good excuse to call out. I guess when it lasts day after day, it gets old and you sure can't call out everyday. We used in live in Rantoul? It's near Champagne. Are you close?

  3. I grew up in Northern British Columbia where I used to wear my snowsuit under my Halloween costume. So what if winter officially started in late December we had the snow in October. Then I spent time in Calgary Alberta where it could be 20 below with snow drifts one day and then warmed up to 10 above the next with snow melting.

    Now I live in Vancouver where it doesn't snow a lot. But Wednesday I opened my living room curtains to see a world of white. I walked about 3 miles in the snow because I needed some boots. I got some men's Kodiak hiking boots on sale. I went out yesterday in the cold sunshine with the icy/snowy streets. I am surprised to realize that I am actually enjoying walking in this weather! However, I realized last night that the windows in my bedrooms are frozen shut. Guess I have to turn the heat on in those rooms. LOL

  4. I love long as I don't have to drive in it. Working at home has made me really enjoy winter again, but since I don't drive in bad weather unless I have to, I feel my driving skills have suffered and I make a point only to go out if there is no other way around it.


  5. I know how you feel, only mine is chagrin at the awful heat Memphis gets in the summer time. I mean with the humidity factored in in say... July- there is no breathing. I mean it's so stagnant, and hot you simply CANNOT breathe. So... it's okay to berate the weather. Just know better days are coming!

  6. You're not alone; I don't care for snow either. MY first 26 years were spent in sunny FL, sunny CA, and hot

  7. I do love to sit back and watch as the snowfalls and how beautiful it does look. I love doing that a lot more now than I did in years past though because now, I don't have to venture out in it. I don't have to traverse two or three wicked mountains (depending on which route I would use) and drive 35 miles, one way, to get to work -this, after having had to shovel out my parking area in front of my house, alone too! Nope, I don't miss that one little bit. I do however frequently miss the contact with others, conversations with adults, no children going into meltdown around me then either. But I most definitely can share your feelings, your thoughts about snow when you have to go out and brave the winter storms to make a living!
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year too!


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