Sunday, December 07, 2008

Blog Award

I know Blog Awards are old hat to many. Some people say they come and go, like memes.
Since I only started blogging daily at the end of August, my first blog award is special to me.

Thank you, Christine Verstraete, for naming me as one of your six recipients of the Blog Award for Outstanding Work. The award began in Portugal, then went to Wales at Debbie's Tiny Treasures and is whizzing its way around the world, so now it's landed in Illinois.

You can see my award in the left hand column here at this blog.

Well, part of the deal is I need to name six worthy bloggers to bestow the award onto, so here goes:

Marvin Wilson - For blogs that remind me there's more to life than meets the eye.

Teagan Oliver - For keeping me informed of what's going on in the publishing world and her own world.

Dorothy Thompson - For being such a dynamic author promoter.

Angela Wilson - for being my Thursday columnist here and dispensing such great advice for our readers.

Chris Redding - for increasing my vocabulary each Wednesday.

Marilyn Meredith - for offering so many great posts at Mystery Turtles and coming with me on the transfer to Make Mine Mystery.

There are many more worthy bloggers I wish could include, but my limit of six is up. Please check out their great blogs and tell them Morgan sent you.


  1. congratulations on receiving the award, Morgan!

  2. Anonymous11:52 PM

    Wow, Morgan, thank you! I get to hand it out to six, too? What fun!

  3. Anonymous12:54 AM

    Hey thanks, Morgan! Jeez - I gotta build another shelf above my blog mantle! LOL and congrats to you too!

  4. Anonymous5:41 AM

    Hi Morgan, thanks so much for including me. It's always nice to know that someone one out there is reading what you write. And to be in such esteemed company is real honor.

    Teagan Oliver

  5. Hi Morgan,
    Glad you stopped by my blog. I think some confusion has arisen. I was awarded the award from someone in Portugal. I actually live in Wales UK.
    Mini Hugs

  6. Debbie,
    That's even more interesting. It made its way from Portugal to Wales, then US.
    I changed the blogpost.
    Thanks for the info.

  7. Congratulations everyone!



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