Friday, December 26, 2008

Boxing Day - What Do You Do With Leftovers?

The day after Christmas is celebrated as Boxing Day in Canada and England. It's said the name came from a long ago practice when the rich people boxed up food after Christmas and donated it to the poor. With the food laws these days, I'm not sure if that would be an accepted practice. Now we have food depositories and charities where we can send cash or donate food before it becomes leftovers.

On the subject of leftovers, I have to admit I love them. When I go out to a restaurant and can't eat all the food, I'm not bashful about asking for a carton or a doggy bag. I also enjoy getting leftovers when family or friends have me over.

It's true the leftovers hardly ever taste as good as the first time around, but often they're a close second. Also, they're a reminder of the enjoyable experience I had the first time around.

Okay, I have to admit another reason is I don't go all out with my cooking endeavors except on special occasions or when I have a lot of extra time, which doesn't happen often, so it's nice to just heat something up in the microwave and have it ready to eat.

Anyway, I cooked for the family for Christmas and did have leftovers. Not a whole lot, I'm proud to say, which means they enjoyed the meal. Afterwards I made sure to pack up small cartons for everyone to take home, since I know that's what I would have wanted.

What about you? Do you eat leftovers? Do you ask for doggy bags? Please share - your thoughts, that is. Not your food.


  1. We rarely have leftovers, but with three males-age 15, 19 and 25--in the house, what leftovers we do have get eaten quickly :-)

  2. I eat leftovers, but no one else really does. The only exception is turkey dinners like the one I made yesterday. We're still feasting.


  3. We're just finishing off yesterday's leftovers tonight.
    It saves me from cooking.

    Morgan Mandel

  4. Anonymous7:12 PM

    Who has leftovers? :-)
    Happy New year to All,

  5. Thanksgiving dinner is all about having the leftovers all weekend. Sometimes Christmas is the same. Depending on the meal and how I think it will reheat, I may or may not take leftovers from a restaurant. During the week, my family will barely touch leftovers, so I have to prepare fresh almost every night. Bummer!

  6. I heart leftovers, and always cook big amounts. Asking for the doggy bag is no problem at all.

    Turning leftovers into something new is a fun thing for me. Pot pies, gumbos, soups and such are great for making new from old. :)


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