Monday, December 29, 2008

What is the Best Time to Post?

I've been wondering. Is it better to post a blog way at the beginning of the day or wait until afternoon? How many people have time to read a blog bright and early?

On weekdays, many are rushing to get ready for work in the morning. On weekends, they're probably catching up on sleep.

On the other hand, some people do have time and make it a habit to access the Internet before work, or while commuting by using a laptop computer or other device. Some are lucky enough to receive full Internet access at work with no restrictions.

Other workers wait until evening when they can sit in front of their computers and read email and blogs at their leisure.

Retirees, stay-at-home-moms or Mr. Moms, the work-from-homers, when do they like to read blogs and email? Does it change from day-to-day or do they have certain down times from their duties when they go online?

What is your preferred time for reading blogs, or does it vary? Please share.


  1. Anonymous3:10 PM

    I do my blog-hopping and reading usually in the mid-afternoons, by then most bloggers I enjoy have their posts up if there's going to be anything new that day. I post in the early mornings though, usually - I'm most inspired in the early hours and I also like to have the post up all day for people of all different time zones and different preferences of "blog-reading-times" to read.

  2. I try to post in the morning because I like to read blogs first thing. When people post later in the day, I usually end up reading them the next morning. For me it's because the family is home at night and I don't have time to get on line.

  3. I usually do my writing the night before and set it to post early the next morning. That way, it's up already for the early birds, and is still there when others stroll by. I read off and on at different times of the day and night.

  4. I'm like Angie. I have no set time I read. I generally find out about specific blog posts, like this one, from Twitter and then head over.

    But I like to post in the AM if I'm programming articles to appear in the future, that way it's up early for those who are reading early.

  5. I know some people who blog at work, lol! I tend to blog when the mood strikes, but if I had to narrow it down, it's probably late in the afternoon...or late at night. The first thing I do when I get up is check on tours if I have them running and if not, I'm answering email which I never get it all answered, but if I had to narrow it down, mid-afternoon or late at night.

  6. Reading other people's blogs (and inserting my two cents) is a wonderfully horrible way for me to procrastinate on what I should be doing at any time. As far as my own blogs go, I wait until an idea has been percolating in my head to the point that I open a new post and it explodes out of my brain. Maybe there's a better way of doing that.

  7. Lately my posts have been going up early or mid afternoon for no reason except I got busy with the Holidays. I used to post them in the morning, but now that they've ended up on the afternoon schedule, I'll wait a bit to change over.

    Definitely when I host someone I like to get that post up bright and early that morning, sometimes even the evening before. That way I can make sure nothing goes wrong. I like the experience to be a pleasant one for my guest.

    Morgan Mandel

  8. LOL! This is a tough one, as a mom of 6 and christmas break and sleepovers and well everything else upon me at the moment, I find I'm just nilly-willy sneaking in bits of blog reading time here and there.

    Usually I prefer to read in the morning... but again, your morning could very well be my afternoon... since I live in England. And I only post when I have something to share... it's not a daily habit for me.

  9. I tend to do most of my blogging in the morning because I get up pretty early anyway to get my girls ready for school.

  10. I blog at night because I just dont have time before going to work. I try to take time to reflect on things and happenings during the day. Sometimes I set it to post in the morning. OR even in a day or 2.

  11. I usually blog in the evening, and have the blog automatically post at 4 AM MT. Then it's up by 6 AM in the east for those who are morning readers. I get some morning comments from the east, and I know some publishers look at it then. And, I never know when the syndicators might pick up my book reviews, so I like to have the blog up in the morning.

    I tend to read blogs in the morning, and get too busy in the afternoon. Nights are my time to blog and read books, not other blogs.

  12. Because of the girls I blog at night after they are in bed. I schedule things to run ahead of time, so usually I have a week's worth of blog posts ready to go.


  13. I post in the morning and read at night.

  14. Wow, great questions!!
    A marketing expert I worked with last year said Tuesdays and Sundays are the best to post and for newsletters. People are "less" busy on those days.
    Don't know how true that is, but that is what I know. And not that I follow it... I love to blog and when I have a thought I get it down before it leaves me!

  15. I don't have a specific time of day when I post to my blog, or read -or whatever -mainly because that would take a lot of organization on my part and totally disrupt my very disorganized lifestyle. Because my daughter also uses my computer and sometimes she camps out on the computer for several hours throughout the day/evening, I do my reading/posting basically whenever I can! Sometimes in the morning with my first cup of coffee more often than not though, a lot of my reading and posting comes about between midnight and 4-5 a.m. -mainly because those tend to be the hours when I usually have access to the olde computer!
    Besides, when you have close to 200 blogs listed in your reader as I do, I can't sit down and do all the daily reading required in a short time span but have to kind of spread it out throughout the day.

    By the way, how many in this group have added the "reader" feature as a tool to blog reading? Just wondering as it is a way to eliminate the necessity of e-mailing the news that you have just posted to your blog or commented to someone else's blog as well. And that is a good thing in that it eliminates unnecessary cluttering of others e-mail inboxes with these little e-mails.


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