Saturday, November 01, 2008

What to Do With That Extra Hour

It's that Fall back time again.

Just wondering what to do with my extra hour. It's around the same time I usually go to bed, right about now. I could stay up for another hour, but I'm kind of tired. Plus the DH is already in bed and the dog is in the hallway waiting for me to go upstairs to bed. She won't go to her spot until I do.

So, maybe I'll go up to bed now. But what to do with that extra hour?

I could sleep away that extra time. I could read a book. I could work on my NaNoWriMo novel. I've got 855 words done so far. Maybe I could get ahead of the game and do an extra 855 words.

I could go for a walk with the dog, but we'll probably go on one anyway. I could watch a DVD. I could clean the house. That's no fun, but it really needs it.

Or, I could clean out my inboxes. I've got over 5000 messages I'm behind on in just one of them. Whatever is in them is old news and not that important or I would have opened those messages sooner.

I could get my website updated, maybe even do another first page. I've got these many pages of optimization suggestions to implement, but haven't gotten around to following them.

I've got the Library Bulletin to work on for Midwest Mystery Writers of America. I've got some authors to add in the Author section at my network, Book Place.

I could do more networking. Or, I could get my blogs all lined up for the week so I can do my NaNoWriMo without interruption.

I've got lots of choices. Hmm, lots of these things should get done. I'm afraid it will take way longer than that extra hour to finish them, but it's nice to have it anyway.


  1. Used up my hour trying to figure out what to do with it!

  2. I'm gonna use mine with a little bit longer sleep time in the morning before I have to get up and get ready to head to church!

  3. I used my hour to sleep...lame, I know...but I feel GREAT today!

  4. I used mine reading the Sunday paper and cuddling with my puppies.

  5. I used mine to catch up with a friend on messenger. I started to use it on my Nano and got no further than reading what I wrote yesterday, so I'm off to do that now.

    Good luck! When the site is working again, I'll try to remember to add you to my buddy list. Or come find me: lkhunsaker or it's linked on my blog.

  6. I used half of my hour last night doing stuff on the computer.

    This morning I used way more than half of my hour in the fight against papers in the house: newspapers, magazines, flyers, unopened stuff I knew had to be important though why I don't know.

    They all accumulated after my last vacation. Then I caught the cold of colds, which is finally starting to go away.

    Anyway, I managed to get rid of I three bags. After that, I gave up and the papers won. I put the rest in a small rubbermaid container to sort through again later. I can't spend my whole day sorting out junk. Wish I weren't such a saver.

    Gotta do NaNoWriMo yet. Couldn't get on the site yesterday to report my 855 words.

    Morgan Mandel

  7. Congrats on the 1800+ NaNoWriMo words. And much good luck with it!

    That extra hour just flew by, didn't it? I don't even know where mine wen!

  8. I tried to sleep in, but I was overruled by the dog, the cat, and my hubby. So I used the hour to take down the Halloween decorations. Or was that the hour I edited my bio and jacket blurb? Maybe it was the hour I answered emails, or responded to some Yahoo!Answers questions... oh, I forget.

  9. You've been TAGGED today at FREE SPIRIT.

    Na-na-na-naaa-nah (smile)

  10. I just enjoyed my extra hour...snuggled in bed with boyfriend and kitties!


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