Friday, November 28, 2008

Cutting Back

Thanksgiving is over. The Christmas Season began with Black Friday as people waited in line at ungodly hours for bargains.

With hubbie working part time, we're now paying real money for his insurance. Not as many dollars are coming in as going out. Also, his 401 k is way down, and I have no idea how much money is left in my profit sharing plan. I may not know for months.

Every year we send out Christmas cards. This year I'll try something a little different. I'm sending out poscards ordered from Vistaprint where I downloaded a photo from the local park, and one of Rascal. At least this way we'll save on postage.

Fortunately, the nieces and nephews are now of a convenient older age, so they've all been added to the Christmas grab bag, and we won't have as much to worry about for presents. However, I just realized today I'd missed one nephew's birthday on November 23, we've got hubby's step-mom's birthday on December 9, plus brother and sister-in-law birthdays also in December. Then there are special friends to buy for. In other words, Christmas will still be a bit costly, but with the help of credit cards and careful planning, we should make it through all right.

I've already decided to check my closet and dresser for sweaters I bought last year to make sure I wear them. It's so much more tempting to buy new, but I think I'll be more practical this year. That's not only for everyday wear, but also for Christmas. This year I will get my Christmas sweatshirts and sweaters out early and wear them and not wonder afterwards why I didn't remember I had them.

What about you? Are you cutting back this season? Or maybe you've never sent out cards or done individual presents. What are your thoughts and plans?


  1. Anonymous2:41 PM

    I know this is not what you want to hear, but I'll probably be spending more and this is ONLY because I want to give my daughter a special gift this year. I already bought the cards but they'll go only to those whose addresses I find. I don't have to buy for family except my daughter and son so it's not like I'll have to be buying for aunts, uncles, cousins. I do get a bag and fill it up for a few of my co-workers but other than that, that's about it. I have already given my tour coordinators free blog makeovers so I'm set with them except for one of them - trying to find her a more professional firm to redo hers. So, I guess I'm set. What I did, though, was prepare ahead of time. I only wish I had prepared ahead of time for Friday bargains, then I would have saved some major money, but that's the way that goes.

  2. If I were in the same situation as last year, I'd be spending more, so go for it!

    As for Friday bargains, if I hadn't already bought a lot of the stuff on sale, I would have been more tempted. That tells you something. (G)

    I'm not exactly broke, but intend to be be a little more careful and creative.

    Morgan Mandel

  3. My husband works in the housing industry, so it's been tight for a couple of years. This year we've decided to focus our energy on positive outcomes and abundance because I'm so tired of worrying about where all the money we need is going to come from. So far it seems to be working.

  4. Every year when I sit down to do Christmas cards, I take out last year's bunch and only send cards out to those people. It helps me keep my list manageable. If I end up getting a card from someone not on my list, then I send a separate one out later.

    This year we decided that since most of the children are adults, we would not do a grab bag for family members. Instead, we will each concentrate on making our immediate family's Christmas special.

    That said, I also try to focus my children on the true meaning of Christmas and encourage them to think of others instead of what they want all the time. It's not always successful in today's society, but I keep working at it.


  5. I'm cutting back. Only the children get gifts. My husband and I aren't even getting gifts for each other. It's hard, but we have no choice.

    We're also not putting up lights outside, cutting costs there, too.

  6. Good blog. Yes, we're cutting back. Didn't know about Vista Print and Christmas Postcards. Good idea. Come visit me at Read Journey to Tracer's Point.

  7. I never do anything major for Christmas, but this year, no one is getting gifts. Cards, yes. Gifts, no. I am a freelancer, and my income will drop dramatically next year. I have to make tough choices starting this month. I also need to stop giving out so much free information and start charging. =0( (Why is that SO hard???) The most difficult part is choosing what to drop and what to keep when it comes to free work. Some is quite valuable for networking.

  8. I"m cutting back on everything, including cards. I'm making presents this year (driftwood/beach glass/shells/wreathes) and baking. Just can't really afford to do more.


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