Wednesday, November 12, 2008

More CMA Awards

Carrie Underwood changed outfits again. I can't keep track any more. I don't like this one. It's short and white and looks silly on her.

Cowgirls Don't Cry - Brooks and Dunn and Reba - Great rendition - One sang better than the other, couldn't tell which voice I liked best.

Vocal Duo of the Year - Sugarland - Jennifer was very happy and wearing a different outfit than before.

Don't Think I Don't Think About it - Darius Rucker sang this tongue twister

Brad Paisley sang Waitin on a Woman - loved it. He's such a great singer.

George Strait won Album of the Year - Does this guy ever stop winning?

Music Video for the Year went to Waitin' on a Woman with Brad Paisley

Keith Urban sang a new great song, Sweet Thing, and he got a standing ovation!

Carrie Underwood sang the sad song, Just a Dream, after being introduced by Leslie Ponder, widow of a soldier killed in the line of duty.

Carrie Underwood then went on to win Female Vocalist of the Year

Sugarland - Jennifer as usual sounded great - It's Love - I think that was the name of the song. The graphics on the stage matched her top kind of, but the top looked pretty on the top, but strange on the bottom.

James Otto sang his Just Got Started Lovin You, the most played song of the year
They announced the Radio Station winners, but US 99.5 didn't win, which bums me out.

More To come


  1. It feels like I got to watch it from reading your posts. Did you know that Andy Griffith plays in the video with Brad Paisley, Waitin on A Woman?

  2. I'm going to have to watch Brad Paisley's Waitin on a Woman video now so I can spot Andy Griffith. It's a great song. Most of his are.

    Morgan Mandel


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