Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Holiday Promotions Net Fans by Angela Wilson

Holidays are a great time for promotions. You have an opportunity to get your books in the hands of people in creative ways.

Here are just a few ideas:

• Several romance authors I know also sell Mary Kay or Avon. Put your bath salts, lotions and other non-cosmetic items into a nice basket or tin case, along with one or two of your titles, and send as gifts or use as Christmas giveaways at your site.
• Work with coffee shops to sell your books in baskets. Grab some java, flavored creamers and cups and put them into a nice arrangement. It is great promotion for both you and the coffee vendor.
• Don't forget Mom. Many organizations give toys to children of needy families and gifts for Mom as well. Put your books together with a few pamper items for the woman of the house to make her feel special this holiday season. It not only brings joy to that person, it helps agencies, who in turn remember your generosity. Non-profits are fabulous at word-of-mouth marketing.
• Arrange signings. Christmas signings are extremely popular. To make yours even more effective, create a stunning basket of goodies to giveaway to one of your buyers that day. Do NOT include your books in this giveaway. Some people will just put their names in the drawing and not buy, hoping they will get it free.
• Create a special gift or gift basket with your books for your library and ask them to give it away during a holiday event.
• Get auction fever by donating a creative, fun basket that includes your books for silent auctions. These are popular during the holidays and event organizers are always searching for free stuff to present to buyers who want to support a charity.

Check your local community calendar for events where you may be able to use a giveaway to your advantage. Don't be afraid to approach vendors about coordinating sales - like at coffeeshops or stores that carry unique items. Gift baskets are incredibly popular and can easily be created specifically for any event or family. If you are not basket-savvy, ask a friend for help.

Angela Wilson is a social media consultant. Her site, marketing, PR and promotions advice to authors.

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